Moody Music

One Man Band: I bet he can't stand up to the robot.
One Man Band: I bet he can't stand up to the robot.Courtesy Vic Ellis
Usually it's the fan that chases the band around, checking up on its every move, emotionally connected to the music and members. But, have you ever heard of a band obsessed with its fans? So much so that it constantly checks up on its popularity and changes its music based on its mood. On top of that make it a robot band. Yes, a musical robot with feelings...

This self-conscience robot is called the Cybraphon. It was built by three musicians in an antique wardrobe using instruments, motors, and a computer. Checking in on websites such as facebook and twitter, it counts hits and compares the usage over a one to two day time frame. Using this information it calculates its popularity and adjusts its mood appropriately, displaying it on a 100 year old galvanometer.

The interments in the wardrobe include an organ, cymbals, and all the way from India, a Shruti box. All of the instruments have been modified to be played electronically using motors and solenoids. If the robot is in a good mood it can be heard playing an upbeat tune. Vice versa, in a lonely mood the music will be slow and sad.

Not only is this robot picky about its social standing but even though it is always on it will only play it's music aloud if there is someone to hear it. Using infrared sensors the robot will start to chime whenever there is an audience to listen.

Cybraphon is going on display in Edinburgh, Scotland starting on Aug. 5th. You may not be able to go see it for yourself but, you can track it's progress and boost it's ego on twitter, myspace, and facebook.

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