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Sorry for the short notice, but this evening (May 5, 2011) at 6:30pm EDT (5:30 here in the Twin Cities) the American Museum of Natural History will present a live streamed discussion with famed paleoanthropologists Richard Leakey and Donald Johanson entitled Human Evolution and Why It Matters: A Conversation with Leakey and Johanson. Here's what the AMNH website says about it:

"Celebrating decades of groundbreaking exploration in East Africa, renowned paleoanthropologists Donald Johanson and Richard Leakey will share the stage to discuss the overwhelming evidence for evolution in the hominid fossil record and why understanding our evolutionary history is so important.

Known for such landmark discoveries as "Lucy" (Johanson) and "Turkana Boy" (Leakey), the work of these two scientists has produced much of the fossil evidence which forms our understanding of human evolution.

Looking back over careers spanning 40-plus years, these men will share the stories behind their monumental finds and offer a look at what's ahead in human evolutionary research.

Want to join in? Then go to the AMNH live streaming website around 5:30 CDT to catch this rare opportunity to watch two giants of the field of paleoanthropology exchange ideas and stories.