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Archeologists have discovered an amazingly well preserved tomb in Guatemala fill of all kinds of intriguing things.

Like, of course, bowls of human fingers and teeth, small 'bells' of shell with, probably, dog canines as clappers, and what is probably a ritual knife stained with a red organic substance. As one scientist says, "it doesn't take too much imagination to think that this is blood."

A sinkhole in Guatemala: The image looks fake, but it's the real thing.
A sinkhole in Guatemala: The image looks fake, but it's the real thing.Courtesy Gobierno de Guatemala
Hopefully someone else can get explain this in more detail, but I thought I'd toss this up here:

Severe rain from tropical storm Agatha has overwhelmed and broken sewage pipes in Guatemala City, washed out sediment beneath certain parts of the city, and caused horrifying spontaneous sinkholes.

The one in the picture is over 60-feet-deep and 45-feet-wide, and it swallowed an entire 3 story building when it opened up. Because of the underlying geography and poor urban engineering, this isn't the first time this has happened (here's an article about an even bigger sinkhole from 2007), and supposedly other sinkholes are still forming in the city.

Everything has been made worse because a nearby volcano erupting just two days before Agatha hit, and the ash it released is forming a muddy, almost concrete-like material with the rainwater. It sounds like a pretty bad situation.

El Niño has returned

How strong an El Niño will eventually develop and how long it is likely to last is not yet known. Learn more about El Niño in 2009 in ScienceNow Daily News.