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Last week Japan's Honda Motor Company unveiled a new invention, the U3-X personal mobility device, pictured in the short video here. As one might expect from the folks who brought you ASIMO, a humanoid robot that can even recognize faces, the U3-X looks a lot like something you might see in a futeristic Sci-fi movie.

Instead of pedaling, this battery operated unicycle moves in whichever direction you lean, sort of like a Segway Personal Transporter (and in my opinion, just as awkward). To me it looks like it might be a little precarious, but Honda claims that the U3-X is easy to use. They hope that this invention will be useful to commuters and the elderly. They claim that it's small size, light weight (less than 22 pounds), and easy-to-use design make it an ideal transportation device for people who live in crowded cities.

Sound like fun? Well, unfortunately the invention is still so new that you can't even buy one. For now you're stuck with a regular old unicycle.

You can read more about the U3-X and see a longer video on National Geographic News.