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Killer earthquake strikes Japan

Hundreds of troops armed with shovels and power-saws sifted through the splintered remains of a resort hotel in Japan Sunday in search of survivors after a powerful earthquake struck at around 8.45 a.m. on Saturday. (TurkishPress)

7.2 magnitude quake in Japan

Nine people were killed, 11 are missing, and more than 220 others were injured in the earthquake, the most powerful to strike inland Japan in eight years.

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7.2 magnitude earthquake shakes Japan (TimesOnline)


A million forced to flee flooding in China

Torrential downpours have severely affected nine provinces in China. China's civil affairs ministry says nearly 1.3 million people have now fled their homes in the hardest hit regions as the bad weather continues. The flooding in the Pearl river delta is the worst for 50 years. The flooding has submerged large areas of farm land and destroyed 6,600 homes in Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces. As of early Sunday morning, 55 deaths were reported.

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Recent flooding in Southern China (BBC News).
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We’ve talked a couple of times before about using corn to produce ethanol, and how this increases the demand for corn and thus the price. Well, now there’s more bad news: the recent flooding in the Midwest is wiping out some farmers’ fields, reducing this year’s corn crop and pushing prices to an all-time high.

The final missing panda at a wildlife reserve near the epicenter of the Chinese earthquake from last month has been found dead. It was crushed under a collapsed wall at the Wolong Reserve. It's likely that all the remaining pandas will be moved to other locations are the Wolong site has suffered severe damage. Click here for previous posts on the earthquake's impact on pandas.

Here's a video link to the incredible footage of Lake Delton near the Wisconsin Dells suddenly draining after a dam broke on Monday. And here's a full newspaper report with photos and maps from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. The story includes this unsual quote: "It's pretty hard to put a water ski show on when there's no water on the lake." And here's the link to a great photo that shows what happened geologically -- the dam to the left is still okay but a sogged sandy bank between the lake and Wisconsin River in the center gave way, releasing the lake's backed up water. Once the water broke through the lake bank, it took only about three hours for the lake to drain dry.

My homepage: This is my homepage with a couple of the mentioned gadgets.
My homepage: This is my homepage with a couple of the mentioned gadgets.Courtesy Joe
If you are interested in tracking hurricanes, typhoons, tropical storms, etc. there is a cool gadget available for your Google hompage (and probably others) that allows you to view, track and interact with maps that show the most current active of these tropical weather systems. Its an interesting way to keep up and monitor the systems - and remind yourself that they happen all over the world. The one I use is here but I am sure there are others that are similar.

There are also gadgets for earthquakes, volcanoes and even one specific to world disaster photos.

Chaitén, pre-eruption: The dome-filled caldera of Chaitén volcano is seen in an aerial view from the south taken prior to an eruption in 2008.
Chaitén, pre-eruption: The dome-filled caldera of Chaitén volcano is seen in an aerial view from the south taken prior to an eruption in 2008.Courtesy Eric Manríquez T. (Instituto Geográfico Militar).
The massive volcanic eruption in Chaiten, Chile, has now passed a month's worth of spewwing ash and rock into the sky. Here's a great photo of the eruption going in its fourth week. People and farm animals were evacuated in the opening weeks of the eruption. Now, emergency workers are evacuating salmon on a fish farm that could become contaminated from toxic materials in the ash mixing with their fish farm water.

The region normally experiences heavy rainfall about this time every year, but meteorological authorities said this was the worst in five decades.

Flooding has affected many cities in the Pearl River Delta -- home to many export manufacturing plants -- and the western part of Guangdong province. (Reuters via Yahoo News)


Flooding in Indiana forces evacuations

Storms dumped as much as 10 inches of rain on already-soggy central Indiana on Saturday, threatening dams, inundating highways and sending the Coast Guard to rescue residents from swamped homes. (The INDY channel)

Baseball sized hail in Wisconsin

A powerful line of storms in Wisconsin dropped baseball-size hail on central and southeastern parts of the state, blowing roofs off homes and knocking down trees and power lines. CNN

Tornadoes in NW Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Chicago

The storm leveled eight barns at a turkey farm near Menahga, MN. killing thousands of turkeys. No human deaths have been reported.


Chinese earthquake location
Chinese earthquake locationCourtesy USGS
The Tangjiashan “quake lake”
formed by a landslide during China’s devastating May 12th earthquake is draining slowly thanks to a sluice constructed by engineers there. Fears of the lake bursting from its earthen dam pushed authorities to find a quick and effective way to release the pressure building from the backed-up water. More than a million people living in the area were under threat of being inundated with millions of cubic meters of water.

As work crews start construction of a second drainage channel, engineers are closely watching downstream riverbanks and bridges for any sign of stress from the surging waters.

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake killed over 60,000 people and more than 17,000 are still missing.

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