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1908 Model T Ford
1908 Model T FordCourtesy Rmhermen
It was 100 years ago--on October 1, 1908, to be exact--that Ford Motor built the very first of the iconic gasoline-powered automobiles to be sold. Ford developed a design and a method of manufacture that steadily reduced the cost of the Model T.
Source cnet news.

Visitors to the Science Museum of Minnesota's Mississippi River Gallery have the opportunity to pilot a simulated towboat pushing barges down the Mississippi River. They quickly find out the process is a lot harder than it looks. And today an actual riverboat pilot found out the same thing while cruising on the Mississippi near Dubuque, Iowa.

Some bees: Each and every one of them thinking about doing unspeakable things to that dog.
Some bees: Each and every one of them thinking about doing unspeakable things to that dog.Courtesy Greencolander
Millions of surprised honeybees are loose on a California highway, after a truck carrying crates of them flipped over in traffic this afternoon.

According to an officer on the scene, "several beekeepers driving by the accident stopped to assist in the bee wrangling."

It's nice to hear that the world is still doing great.


Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM) promises an "Air Car" by late 2009

A vehicle that runs on Compressed Air Technology (C.a.t.) developed by Motor Development International (MDI), is being brought to the United States by Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM). With a delivery date around the end of 2009, the Air Car will go 90 mph, carry six people, recharge from an outlet or compressed air tank, and cost around $17,000. This You Tube video gives an introduction to the Air Car.

Although the Air Car has been featured in the media many times, I somehow missed it until today.

Learn more about the Air Car at the Zero Pollution Motors website.


Fit five cars into one parking space

Smart "City Car": MIT Car by Mitchell Joachim
Smart "City Car": MIT Car by Mitchell Joachim
Coming soon are electric vehicles that will be stacked like grocery carts outside of popular destinations. A swipe of your credit card and you can drive it to another location. The body of the car will be made of lightweight composite material such as Kevlar or carbon fiber.

Embedded in each of its four wheels will be an electric motor, steering and braking mechanisms, suspension, and digital controls, all integrated into sealed units that can be snapped on and off. The Boston Globe.

These cars will be smart

These smart cars will be like computers on wheels. They can charge or give back electricity while stacked up waiting for users. They will know where parking is available and the best routes to their destination, avoiding traffic delays. I also predict that they will soon be able to drive themselves. (Read about the DARPA Urban Challenge)

Update: more Mitchell Joachim MIT car designs

Mitchell Joachim's website has seven more vehicles vehicles like the one pictured. Click on each car for more information. One design has passengers drive while standing up.

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