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About once a day assignments


Add a video or snap photos of art, advertising, publications, or every day life that show people, organizations or companies portraying gender stereotypes or anything contrary to those stereotypes. Upload your images and comment on other images on the "Shutterbug" Buzz blog.
*Note: Only registered users can upload images.*

About once a week assignments


Without actually photographing yourself, document your identity in photos. Take pictures of your clothes, personal objects, people you associate with, and/or the places you visit-- anything that you think represents your identity. Post one or two photos a week to the "Snapshot" Buzz blog.

About once a month assignments

Chalk Talk Workshop with Wing Young Huie

Attend a “Chalk Talk” to examine your preconceptions of people through an interactive workshop hosted by Wing Young Huie, an internationally renowned photographer and cultural explorer. Workshop participants will pair with someone in the room they are unfamiliar with in order to engage in a conversation about identity. Participants will then write an answer to guided questions about identity on black construction paper with white chalk, and will be photographed. After the face-to-face event, post images from the event, comments and replies on the "Chalk Talk" Buzz blog. Also feel free to post your own "Wing Young Huie inspired" identity photos.

Smart, Hot, Honest, or Not?

Play the Game: Find out more about your inherent biases by rating the intellect, attractiveness and trustworthiness of men and women of different races. This game can be played at Buzz kiosks on the museum floor or from a computer at home.

Click here to play the game

Participate in the Game: Take a photo of your face and upload it to the "Smart, Hot, Honest, or Not?" Buzz blog. Experimonth staff will use identity morphing software to change your race. Your original image and your new image will then be uploaded into the game. Click on the link and log in with the email address associated with your Buzz account to see your morphed photo and results: http://experimonth.lifeandscience.org/race/lookup

Return to the "Smart, Hot, Honest, or Not?" Buzz blog to comment on your experience, and reply to others posts.