Fuel Consumption

An update from Suzanne O'Connell
ship next to the refueling bargeThe JOIDES Resolution refueling

Everyone dreads going to the gas station and seeing the cost of filling up their gas tank, whether it's $2.70/gallon in the United States or $8.00/gallon in Scotland.

Imagine if instead of gallons the unit you were using was metric tons. (Each metric ton = ~300 gallons). That's the case with the JOIDES Resolution. Its twenty-one gas tanks hold 3,200 metric tons, or almost a million gallons. When the ship most recently refueled in Victoria, British Columbia, it cost $820,000. That was just enough fuel to get us to our drill site and on to Panama, our next stop where fuel is less expensive.

The ship generally burns around 20 metric tons/day while drilling and 40-45 metric tons/day while steaming. It takes about 43 gallons for the ship to move a mile.