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Anonymous says:

Hello my name is Cinderella. How old do wolves live to be?

posted on Sat, 04/18/2009 - 2:58pm
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Anonymous says:

I saw a lone wolf in the country, near Tower Mn. Are there alot of them there? Bob from CottageGrove,Mn.

posted on Tue, 02/15/2011 - 11:59am
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Anonymous says:

about how much does a wolf eat a day?

posted on Sat, 03/06/2010 - 3:48pm
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Thor says:

In northern Minnesota, wolves average eating about one full-size deer a month. But they're not like us...they don't get to eat on a regular schedule. So they eat whenever they can catch a deer. They might get two deer in one week and then go a couple months before finding another deer.

posted on Mon, 03/08/2010 - 2:17pm
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rehema says:

i have been to the wolf center it was fun

posted on Sat, 03/14/2009 - 2:47pm
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Mala yang313 says:

i love a baby wolf because it's so cute and i don't know
if the wolf could eat some other animal.

posted on Fri, 03/06/2009 - 9:42am
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Sam-Wolf lover says:

I love wolfs and I think there cool. I use to hunt them but I'm over that. I fell in love with a baby wolf I saved in the woods in my back yard. Ever since then I haven't hunned. I'm just a random kid posting a comment while im in study hall at school. Lol.

posted on Thu, 03/05/2009 - 11:58am
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Anonymous says:

i love wolves im doing a project on the mexican wolf known as the canis lupus bailiey. but i just need a few more intresting facts about them. Does anyone have any???

posted on Sun, 11/09/2008 - 8:02pm
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Actually Jarett, wolves are still on the endangered species list. After a series of lawsuits, they have been "relisted" recently. Now, the Fish and Wildlife Service is working on ways to cooperate with some states that have wolves (MN, WI, MI, MT, ID, WY) to find a way to manage them off of the list.

Also, wolves give birth late-April to early-May in the midwest. The typically live to be about 6-8 years old in the wild here too. In Yellowstone National Park, they may only live to be 4-5 on average. In captivity, wolves may live to be 12-15 years old.

posted on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 2:58pm
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Jarrett says:

wolves can only be born in the early of the year. That means that from febuary-april is the only time wolf cubs and be conceved then from 60-63 days the wolf cubs are born. A wolf only live to be about 11 in the wild but in captivity they live to be 14. also if you saw a wolf in the zoo it would appear lazy but they aren't a wolf usually sleeps during the day and is active during the night. A wolf in captivity has nothing to do because they do not have to worry about hunting because they are feed on a regular bacis. So that is why a wolf is not lazy.

posted on Sun, 10/19/2008 - 4:06pm
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Jarrett says:

Well Calvin Pring a wolf can run up to 40 miles per hour. Also they mostly live in canada but after a great effort they have been brought back to the us. Now that they are prospuring they are off the endangered list. I love wolves for there beauty and grace but they are also a strong animal. They eat rabbits deer elk and other animals in the mountains. i hope you injoyed these small facts about wolves!

posted on Sun, 10/19/2008 - 3:31pm
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JOBU says:

I think these wolves are lazy

posted on Wed, 10/01/2008 - 10:40am
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Anonymous says:

HOW OLD ARE THE WOLFS. IF there is a 101 wolf does that mean its old

posted on Fri, 09/26/2008 - 1:09pm
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Anonymous says:


posted on Fri, 09/26/2008 - 1:06pm
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Anonymous says:


posted on Thu, 08/21/2008 - 1:10pm
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I'm not sure why you think wolves are mean but, keep in mind that wolves do not think and feel emotions the same way humans do. They live on instinct and their instinct helps them survive by killing prey, maintaining pack structure and keeping their territories safe from intruders. We as humans sometimes look at those behaviors as being "mean" but, for a wolf, it's a way of life.

posted on Fri, 09/05/2008 - 3:05pm
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Anonymous says:

why do wolves howl at night?

posted on Thu, 08/21/2008 - 11:25am
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Anonymous says:

its their communication, like facebook for wolves. they howl to see if they can get help in farmville

posted on Sat, 12/18/2010 - 5:37pm
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Hi there,

Wolves howl more often at night because that is when they are the most active. They prefer to be inactive during the warmer parts of the day to stay more comfortable. Wolves don't sweat like we do! When they become active, their time may be filled with social activity between pack members, hunting or traveling. All of these activities may include howling.

posted on Fri, 09/05/2008 - 3:03pm
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Anonymous says:

i wuld also like to see pictures of baby wolves
tht wuld be really cute and awesome!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Sat, 04/26/2008 - 1:46pm
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Jillian says:

I would love to see some pictures of baby wolves because they are really cute!!! :]

posted on Sat, 04/26/2008 - 12:49pm
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Anonymous says:

it would be really cute to see some pictures of baby wolves.

posted on Sat, 04/26/2008 - 10:05am
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Anonymous says:

i really enjoy learning about wolves. I think i like them so much because they strike as the kind of animal that if they were to go to my school they would be concidered "cool". I
would like to know some interesting facts about wolves please. Thnkyou!

posted on Fri, 03/28/2008 - 7:13pm
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Hi Tanya,
You can find a whole bunch of wolf information at www.wolf.org. Just click on the Learn tab and scroll down to find what you're looking for!

posted on Fri, 09/05/2008 - 3:01pm
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Anonymous says:

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! I love wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they r sooooo coool!!!!!!!!!! wolves, wolves, wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Thu, 02/28/2008 - 6:17pm
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Vamp says:

i have cherokee indian blood running through my veins. my ancestors loved wolves with a passion to where they were like part of the family. they are very beautiful ceratures and need to be protected. they are growing smaller every year from hunters, poachers, and those who kill them for the fun of it. it needs to stop. i think that people in the future should be able to see wat amazing creatures wolves are.

posted on Wed, 01/23/2008 - 11:35am
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Ariel says:

Wow wolves are an incrediable creater!! They feserver our respect and loyalty! i think that we sould let them be free adn not be able to hunt them! There are hardly any in the wild anymore! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ADN FAST!!!

posted on Fri, 01/18/2008 - 10:50am
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snowy says:

I wonder does the woman who loves wolves so much worry about her children playing outside in Minnesota.

posted on Sun, 12/02/2007 - 11:18pm
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My name is Jess and I work at the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN. Wolves often avoid humans and teach their young to avoid them as well. People in wolf country learn to live with wolves and other wildlife such as bears, cougars, moose or deer. As long as garbage or food is kept secure, pets are not left outside unattended and wildlife is not encouraged to come close, humans and wildlife can coexist in relative peace.

posted on Fri, 09/05/2008 - 2:52pm
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shell says:

do wolfs only eat people when they think that people will harm them?

posted on Tue, 11/20/2007 - 3:15pm
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Anonymous says:

no, wolves do not eat people unless they are starving.

posted on Fri, 03/18/2011 - 1:14pm
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Wolves in general do not see humans as a food source. However, wolves may lose their fear of humans if they are fed or encouraged to come closer to humans. This may lead to a wolf hurting someone.

posted on Fri, 09/05/2008 - 3:00pm
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Jade kropp says:

I think this is relly cool .
I whant to come hear and show my friends.

posted on Sat, 11/10/2007 - 11:30am
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Anonymous says:

I wuv wolves!

posted on Fri, 11/02/2007 - 9:34am
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CLS says:

Wesa likea wolfa ^_^

posted on Fri, 11/02/2007 - 9:31am
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baeuthys says:

actually there are only 3 species of wolf (not including subspecies) grey wolves, artic wolves, and red wolves

posted on Fri, 10/26/2007 - 9:01pm
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Hi there,

Actually, there are only two species of wolves: gray and red. The arctic wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf.

posted on Fri, 09/05/2008 - 2:53pm
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Wolf in training says:

Wolves are the most gorgeous thing on the face of the earth!!
I am a random person(aged 14) from england searching for wolfie stuff. I found you guys and decided 2 join in.

By the way Maddie there are at least 11 subspecies of grey wolf including the: mexican wolf, the red wolf, The great plains wolf..... i'll stop. i could go on all day!!!

posted on Tue, 10/16/2007 - 7:12am
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coda says:

this wolf looks so cool. I wish i could pet it. It would be so cool if i was you.

posted on Fri, 08/10/2007 - 12:57pm
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Calvin Pring says:

I will love to hear More interesting facts about wolves! I'm 10.

posted on Wed, 06/06/2007 - 5:18pm
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Rene Marcil says:

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posted on Wed, 02/28/2007 - 8:52pm
Andrea, International Wolf Center's picture

Hi Maddie,

I'm glad you think wolves are interesting -- I think so too! Here are some interesting facts:
• Wolves usually live in a family group called a "pack," which usually includes parents and their younger kids.
• A wolf mom usually gives birth to pups one time each year, and the pups are born weighing one pound and unable to hear or see.
• Minnesota has the most wolves by far of any other state in the lower 48.

You'll find lots more interesting facts about wolves on the International Wolf Center's Web site. Click on LEARN, then on KIDS, and you'll find some fun activities, too.

posted on Wed, 08/02/2006 - 12:25pm
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Anonymous says:

wow thats cool

posted on Tue, 03/31/2009 - 4:48pm
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Anonymous says:

wow.... as if i give

posted on Tue, 03/31/2009 - 4:47pm
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Morgan, wolf lover says:

I love wolves soooo much, but i've never seen a real one in my life. I really want to find a close place to asheville NC that lets you see real wolves, their habbitat, and their behaviour! Wolves, and all animals are my life! I'm glad the good lord gave us wolves, and all animals, aren't you? I have a few facts: In Alaska, wolves are found almost every 25 miles.
2#: packs can have from 2 to 20 pack members. 3#: wolves are related to dingoes, jackals, and coyotes. 4#: wolves ears and eyes show their emotions most: ears laid back=mad ears forward=hearing something or alerted. I love wolves sooo much!!!
-Morgan true wolf lover!
ps: it's great to hear you like wolves, too Andrea write back soon!! (o:

posted on Thu, 09/27/2007 - 7:45pm
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Maddie says:

I really like wolves because they are cool. I really want to know more about them. Can you tell me something interesting about wolves? I am 7.

posted on Tue, 08/01/2006 - 6:29pm
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Anonymous says:

I would like to see so pitures of baby wolfs\r\n\r\n

posted on Mon, 05/01/2006 - 10:27am
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Anonymous says:

I like wolves.


posted on Thu, 10/15/2009 - 1:24pm
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Anthony says:

wolves are my favorite animal in the world

posted on Tue, 03/31/2009 - 3:06pm
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shay says:

you are totally right that would be awsome

posted on Wed, 06/06/2007 - 10:41am