Air pollution: not just a city problem

Air pollution is obvious in major cities. We expect to see and smell the smoke and fumes from factories, freeways, and other sources concentrated in urban areas. But Kahl often focuses on the impact that air pollution has on weather patterns in isolated areas.

Can you imagine going to the Grand Canyon and having the spectacular view diminished by hazy skies? That’s one of the areas that Kahl is researching, determining which sources of pollution are contributing to the haze in the area. He’s also gathering data on ozone destruction in high northern latitudes, factors that contribute to “Arctic Haze” in the north polar region, and carbon emissions (soot) in Siberia. Kahl also constructs airflow climatologies for many sites around the world, including Hawaii, Alaska and Greenland.

A sunset over Shanghai, China, helps shows the effect that air pollution can have on the sky and our weather.
Courtesy Suicup, via Wikipedia