No sweat…or at least no smell!

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Nanotech fabrics can be made so that they repel liquids, resist wrinkles, dry quickly, and breathe. Greenyarn processes bamboo into charcoal, which gets pulverized into nanoparticles and added to cotton, polyester, or nylon fibers before they’re woven into fabrics. Socks are Greenyarn’s best-known product.

graphic showing the yarn creation process
marathon runners before a race
Marathon runners are field-testing Greenyarn’s socks.

The bamboo charcoal yarn used in Greenyarn’s socks has a cross-section filled with microscopic gaps and holes that help to disperse sweat fast, keeping feet dry. The socks also have antibacterial and antifungal properties, so feet don’t smell. And they’re good insulators, keeping feet cool in summer and warm in winter.