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Recordings from the Macaulay Library have been used to:

  • Learn bird identification,
  • Create family trees for bird species,
  • Study geographic variation in song,
  • Help engineers create machines that discriminate between kinds of sounds,
  • Get names of and information about bird species from native peoples,
  • Attract birds to a restored breeding habitat,
  • Create audio guides for surveying areas where the animals are heard but not seen.
  • And provide authentic background sounds or create vocalizations for fantastical movie creatures.

“Many ornithology textbooks have diagrams of how different wing shapes are adapted for different flight styles, such as soaring, gliding, high speed, and agile turning. Representations of the size and shape are great, but even better is being able to literally see, through video, how a bird uses its wings.”
Courtesy of Colleen McLinn