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Dr. Mistry says, "In our country today, more than 90,000 men, women, and children are waiting for organ transplants. Each year, more than 7000 of them die waiting and thousands more continue to wait. This should not happen. I hope that more people will consent to donation."

"I'm a designated organ and tissue donor myself. I believe that if I'm able to save another's life, it's a gift to me as well as my family. And many donor families share that in their loss they were able to find strength and comfort in knowing that their loved one helped others in need."

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In 2005, 493 people in the LifeSource region (Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota) generously consented to organ donation. And a single donor may be able to save or enhance the lives of up to 60 people through donation of heart, lung, liver, kidneys, pancreas, intestine, skin, bone, cornea, and connective tissue.

"In MN, as in many other states, marking your intention to donate on a driver's license or adding your name to a donation registry is legal authorization for donation and your wish to donate will be honored and fulfilled. To get more information about donation and to register to donate, you can go to www.donatelifemn.org. The website provides information about the need for transplantation, highlights stories of individuals impacted by transplantation, and answers questions about donation and transplantation."

Dr. Mistry's perspective on Body Worlds

"Body Worlds is a very important exhibit as it helps the public understand the human body and how it works. I believe it is critically important that we do all we can to generate an interest in medicine and science among our youth. Body Worlds is a very effective means to do that, and I was very pleased to see the exhibit extended into the school year. Some of the children who have the opportunity to view this amazing exhibit may be inspired to be our future doctors, nurses, and scientists."

Over the course of the summer and fall, Science Buzz is featuring several experts, each approaching the Body Worlds exhibition from a different perspective. Dr. Bhargav Mistry is the fifth in the series. (Bonus!)

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