So, what will happen on 12/21/12?

12/21/09 is a Friday, so you should still plan on going to work.
12/21/09 is a Friday, so you should still plan on going to work.Courtesy David Warlick via
The Mayans strongly believe that the Earth, planets, nature, and even people followed different cycles. The word “cycle” means a round, circular, or repeated series of events. The Mayans believe that the end of one cycle means the beginning of another. The end a calendar cycle is a great opportunity for reflection and celebration. They often erected important monuments on these dates. There is nothing in the Mayan literature or archaeology that states the ancient Mayans believed the world would have a tragic or ultimate end. In fact, archaeologists have found inscriptions at Maya sites prophesizing events as far into the future as 4772 A.D, long past the end of the current cycle. The end of the 5th Long Count period was just the end of one cycle, and the beginning of a new one. Unfortunately, many people have misinterpreted it to be the same as the “apocalyptic” ending found in some Western religious beliefs.

Mayan traditions and scientific evidence suggest that December 21, 2012, will be a day like every other.

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