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www.sciencebuzz.org is a website focused on science in the news, emerging research, and seasonal science. (Science Buzz is also a suite of exhibit components produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota.)

Science is an essential literacy. You might not ever need to create a recombinant vaccine or a clone, manipulate quantum dots, or generate a stem cell line, but you're asked to make sense of issues surrounding those techniques and products with every election, trip to the grocery store, or visit to the doctor's office. Every day, you probably read or hear news stories that leave you wondering "why?" or "how come?" Getting answers to questions can be frustrating and confusing. (Even articulating a question can be hard.) But it can also be fascinating. And Science Buzz is a way to dig deeper into science headlines and share questions and concerns with scientists, museum staff, and other visitors.

We aim to be a source of science information, to be sure. But we don't just want you to receive information. We're really hoping that you'll respond—with questions, answers, opinions, experiences, and observations—to the stories that you find here. Maybe you'll even contribute your own stories.

We really encourage postings not only related to last night's newscast, but also musings that flow from your interactions with the world: why don't you see baby pigeons? What's happened to all the fireflies? How come eggs from the grocery store don't contain baby chickens? Are any two snowflakes alike? Activities, experiments, interviews, videos…all welcome.

Below are the profiles of the regular Buzz contributors. We write about the science-related things that interest us personally. We share what we think is cool about science in general, and topical science in particular. We're also the moderators of the site, and we try to foster conversation and encourage "science talk." As long as a post falls under our broad definition of "current science," we're comfortable with difficult questions and a variety of opinions. (We don't chase controversy for controversy's sake, but the thorny places where science meets society—where we have to use research findings to create policies—are where the "juice" is.) Play nice, and read our community guidelines, please.

Science Buzz is a work in progress, and it continues to evolve in lots of ways, all of which are meant to make your participation easier and better. You've read this far; why not dive in? What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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