Alright dudes, it’s crunch time. NanoDays officially kicks off tomorrow, March 26, and runs through Sunday, April 3, and if you don’t know what nano is by the end of our little week of little science, we’re going to be more than a little deflated. We might even cry tiny tears and throw tiny tantrums and fall victim to other alliterative ailments just so that we really pull at your obviously miniscule heart strings. Because if you really loved us, you would know. Or lie and then quickly go look it up so you don’t get caught.

So, step on into a science museum of your choice and have them point you in the direction of their nano-goods. If they greet your request with a blank stare, forgive them their indiscretion and march boldly forward until you find a microscope. There you shall set up shop and wax poetic about how you still cannot see what you seek, for nano, nano is even smaller than the measly view this pathetic microscope affords you. Then tell them everything you learned in this here video, so delightfully narrated by England’s national treasure, Stephen Fry. Including the absolutely ridiculous British pronunciation of the word aluminum.

NANOYOU - Narrated by Stephen Fry from Neon Otter on Vimeo.

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