Ancient secrets of the Incas feed the hungry...or something like that

Here on good ol' Planet Earth, the human population is growing and boy are folks hungry. By 2050, there should be 9 billion of us running around, but Earth isn't getting any bigger and we probably don't want to try farming on the moon. On the Buzz, we've read about some plants that have been modified to resist drought and tough climates, but what about the wisdom of the ancient Andeans?

The Andes: Just in case you didn't know what they look like. Kinda gorgeous, eh?
The Andes: Just in case you didn't know what they look like. Kinda gorgeous, eh?Courtesy David Almeida

No, no, not that wisdom, delicious as it is. I'm talking about Andean farmers. These guys are reviving tough heirloom potatoes, clever terraces, and Incan irrigation systems. The species and systems had been used for thousands of years, and were probably adapted to the uncertainties of agriculture in the high mountains.

But when Spaniards showed up a few centuries ago with their own methods, traditional ways slowly fell out of use even though they were better suited to the region's need. Now that farmers are rediscovering the benefits of these ancient traditions, they're hoping these methods can help hungry folks in other parts of the world, too. Now that's a wisdom I can sink my teeth into!

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mrdownsfan says:

Interesting! this is so cool!

posted on Sat, 11/12/2011 - 7:50pm
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ally says:

me too!

posted on Sun, 02/26/2012 - 2:21pm
Agencia de Viajes Peru's picture

In my travels around the interior of Peru, I have noticed several problems, perhaps the most serious is the lack of water, glaciers are melting, the sources do not emanate the same amount of water. The other problem is certainly the reduction of agricultural land, the marriages that took 10 children divide their plot into 10 mini plots, leaving these dwindling. If we speak of urban areas is also very hungry especially in the suburbs, more and more people migrate to cities, machinery displaces labor, capital associated with small businesses exterminated, all this should lead us to reflect on our way of living and sharing, definitely the time to come will be more difficult than today, get ready, if we have children we take a look at the future that could have, and what of their offspring after them, not enough back to use the techniques Inca past, it takes a journey of conscience to take care of the environment in which we live, walk our children in the paths of good, to instruct them so they can face the future with strength of mind and good character. Regards, Lorenzho.

posted on Tue, 07/10/2012 - 11:03am

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