Polar Bear: Courtesy Wikipedia Images
Polar Bear: Courtesy Wikipedia Images

This past week the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) proclaimed toxic chemicals are impairing numerous Arctic animals. Immune system malfunctions, signs of weakened bone growth and hormone disturbances are a few noted implications due to toxic chemical exposure. Even though Arctic regions are a considerable distance from industrial centers, many chemicals get swept north by winds and ocean currents.

Harmful toxins
Flame-retardants, pesticides, fluorinated chemicals as well as global climate changes are all factors contributing to the decline in healthy Arctic animals. The WWF reported Arctic chemical contamination threatens the survival of many of the region’s animal species, who are also facing possible habitat and food supply loss.

Animals Affected
Specific animals being affected include polar bears, beluga whales, seals and seabirds. Beluga carcasses, found in the St. Lawrence estuary in Canada, have been treated as toxic waste due to high toxicity levels. Samantha Smith, Swiss-based director of the international arctic program stated, “We can no longer ignore the proof that chemicals are damaging the health of wild animals.”

What do you think? Is it important to address Arctic animal wildlife concerns? What can be done to reduce the spread of harmful toxins?

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John Prokop's picture
John Prokop says:

I think that this is a very serious issue and is important to control in order to help save all these animals that are endangering themselves to dangerous levels of toxic cemicals.I think that it is very important to address these concers to someone cause if this continues this can turn into a very serious issue, even more serious then it alredy is. To reduce the spread of bad toxins The toxins must first be contained to stop fromspreading then the toxins must be collected to further stop them from spreading.If you have any other or further information please feel free to email me this is a topic that I am really interested in.

posted on Tue, 06/27/2006 - 2:12pm

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