Bermuda triangle mystery solved

What happened to the missing ships and planes?

Bermuda triangle
Bermuda triangleCourtesy alphaios
Large amounts of frozen methane gas can be found under the ocean floors. When the BP oil drills hit a pocket of this gas it raced upwards, expanding ever larger as the pressure on it decreased. When it reaches the surface it really expands.

Methane bubbles can sink ships and snuff out airplane engines

Methane deposits occasionally erupt to the surface. A research paper published in the American Journal of Physics explains how large methane bubbles rising from the ocean floor might account for many, if not all, of the mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft.

Oceanographic surveyors of the sea floor in the area of the Bermuda Triangle have discovered significant quantities of methane hydrates and older eruption sites.


How Brilliant Computer Scientists Solved the Bermuda Triangle Mystery Salem News

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Stephen B Oliver says:


For years the Bermuda Triangle has been considered a mystery without a definitive reasoning for the occurances which occured in that region of the world. What some of us may not be aware of is that there are also other regions of the globe which also experience these type occurances. Those regions are located in areas in which are experiencing Global Polarized Static. Nicola Tesla claimed that the Earth itself is polarized with electric charge that can be extracted from the air.
When Charles Lindbergh was making preparations for the first Trans-Atlantic flight on The Spirit Of St Louis, their team needed a lightweight enegy source, and a member of their team, Hendershot, approached Tesla as Tesla was near his death, and asked Tesla his advise on how this could be done. Tesla explained the Global Polarization field to Hendershot, as well as explained to Hendershot how to extract this energy and harness it. The result was the Hendershot Generator.
Why does a compass spin at certain times in The Bermuda Triangle? The answer to that question is rather simple. Global Polarized Static projects equal charges of Positive and Negative resulting in magnetic north as being unobtainable causing a compass to not be able to determine the direction of magnetic north.
There are Five known states of matter. 1- Solid; 2- Liquid; 3- Gas; 4- Plasma; 5- Micro.
The most common form of Micro matter we are all aware of are microwaves from a microwave oven. Obviously friction is occuring which results in a heating of whatever we put in a microwave oven, so the fact that matter is required to create friction also becomes obvious. This friction is caused by micromatter, and the result is the heating of what we put in the oven. Other forms of the fifth state of matter are light and sound. Lasers used to blast objects and sonic blasters used to blast kidney stones constitute the presense of matter in these two forms.
Why do ships and planes disappear in The Bermuda Triangle? It is claimed by some that Dark Matter makes up 99% of the Universe. This is incorrect. Dark Matter is contained within 100% of the matter in the Universe, and is in itself a Fifth State Matter. The reason we are not able to see Dark Matter is due to the presense of light masking the Dark Matter.
All Fifth State Matters have a variance determined by their frequency, and Dark Matter is no exception to this element.
We all know that time travel exhists, and we know this because we have an hour ago, and we have now, as we live and breath we travel through time. The standard passage of time is regulated by the common denominator of all matter which is Dark Matter.
As Global Polarized Static effects the area of The Bermuda Triangle, it effects the density percentage of Dark Matter, resulting in a variance of frequency, which in the case of Dark Matter equals density, and the result of this is a variance in the standard passage of time. As some ships and planes passengers pass through an effected area of Dark Matter variance, they experience this variance. As some ships and planes pass through the effected area and do not exit the area before the effect disipates, they become trapped in the frequency of Dark Matter in which is variant to the non-effected standard of frequency, or density, of Dark Matter, and are not detectable to us here in the standard frequency, or density, of Dark Matter. They still exhist, but in a different frequency, or density, of Dark Matter.
Stephen B Oliver
March 27, 2013

posted on Thu, 04/04/2013 - 12:27pm

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