Girl born with eight limbs having surgery

by Anonymous on Nov. 06th, 2007

A two-year-old girl from Bangalore, India is having surgery today to remove four of her eight limbs. Lakshmi Tatma was born with two sets of arms and legs and her family hopes the surgery will give her a normal body. Doctors say the extra limbs are from a parasitic twin which, while still in the fetal stage, had stopped developing and was then partially absorbed by the girl's body. Read more about this bizarre case here.

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mdr says:

News out today (11-13-07) is that Lakshmi Tatma's surgery went very well, and she is now breathing on her own and recovering. You can read about the details here.

posted on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 11:23am
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Liza says:

One really cool thing about this story: it sounds like her family and village treated Lakshmi as a goddess, not a problem.

From the AP article on 11/6:

"Children born with deformities in deeply traditional rural parts of India, like the remote village in the northern state of Bihar that Lakshmi hails from, are often viewed as reincarnated gods. The young girl is no different--she is named after the four-armed Hindu goddess of wealth and her parents say she is revered in her village."

I think that's really cool. As my brother Alex put it,

"This is one of those side benefits to a religion that doesn't believe that traditional human anatomy is the image of divinity. Three cheers for a more active imagination!"

That said, I think it's great that Lakshmi is doing well and her doctors say, when this is all over, she'll have totally normal anatomy.

From the pictures, it looks like Lakshmi's extra limbs weren't functional. Which got me wondering...If you had a FUNCTIONAL extra limb, would you have it removed?

posted on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 11:42am
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Anonymous says:

WOW... My condolences/ best wishes. That is cool....

posted on Sun, 03/22/2009 - 4:33pm

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