Instant blood typing costs pennies

by ARTiFactor on Jun. 11th, 2010

Paper "dipstick" test can tell blood type in seconds

Blood transfusions save millions of lives every year. Getting the wrong type of blood can be deadly, though.
While the expensive equipment required to differentiate blood type is not available in many poor areas, now a strip of paper costing pennies can be used instead. Learn more about the "dipstick blood test" in ScienceDaily.

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Liza's picture
Liza says:

I read the headline and thought, "Pennies have blood types?" Got it now. :)

posted on Fri, 06/11/2010 - 2:54pm
ARTiFactor's picture
ARTiFactor says:

LOL. I should have taken more time to think about that header.

posted on Fri, 06/11/2010 - 3:12pm
bryan kennedy's picture

Aww, you changed it...I liked the old title.

posted on Mon, 06/14/2010 - 9:10am
Ashleigh Palmer's picture
Ashleigh Palmer says:

Using paper is a brilliant idea! Even though I'm pretty sure they don't use recycled material, this wants me to be more involved with recycling projects in me community!

Ok, I don't come her often, what was the old title? lol

posted on Sat, 07/31/2010 - 4:11pm
ARTiFactor's picture
ARTiFactor says:

The old title was something like "blood testing for pennies" and people started saying "pennies have blood?".

posted on Mon, 08/02/2010 - 8:13pm

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