It's been a very snowy winter so it should come as no surprise that the flood risks in Minnesota are going to be high as well. There's a 60-percent chance that the Mississippi River will be creeping up close to our backdoor here at the museum in the latest forecast announced today. Start packing the sandbags right now in Moorhead and Fargo. There's a 98-percent chance that the Red River will flood this spring.

Check out the Science Buzz 2010 flood feature now.

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JGordon's picture
JGordon says:

You know, I've been wondering for a few years now what's going to happen to those condos off of Shepard Road (just below downtown and the SMM) when the river floods, because it was bound to happen.

Maybe they're up high enough to be safe, but there might be a lot of "I told you so"s on the way.

posted on Fri, 02/19/2010 - 6:08pm
Liza's picture
Liza says:

I wish I had pictures from the flood of 2000? 2001? We had to sandbag the museum on the District Energy side. The train tracks were underwater, and I saw folks in a canoe on Shepard Road.

posted on Sat, 02/20/2010 - 12:16am
Gene's picture
Gene says:

These photos were taken April 22, 2001. I believe you can click on them to get a larger view, though my digital photography skillz were somewhat less than mad at that time, so don't expect too much.

flood5: Mississippi River flood, April 22, 2001
flood5: Mississippi River flood, April 22, 2001Courtesy Eugene Dillenburg

flood4: Mississippi River flood, April 22, 2001
flood4: Mississippi River flood, April 22, 2001Courtesy Eugene Dillenburg

flood3: Mississippi River flood, April 22, 2001
flood3: Mississippi River flood, April 22, 2001Courtesy Eugene Dillenburg

flood2: Mississippi River flood, April 22, 2001
flood2: Mississippi River flood, April 22, 2001Courtesy Eugene Dillenburg

flood1: Mississippi River flood, April 22, 2001
flood1: Mississippi River flood, April 22, 2001Courtesy Eugene Dillenburg

posted on Sun, 02/21/2010 - 7:28pm
mdr's picture
mdr says:

Wow! I'd have to find a new route home if this happens again.

posted on Sun, 02/21/2010 - 8:07pm
Joe's picture
Joe says:

Hey John, check it:

posted on Wed, 03/17/2010 - 5:16pm
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous says:

Cool! I'd like to travel in a canoe!

posted on Sat, 02/20/2010 - 2:23pm
Gene's picture
Gene says:

The National Weather Service predicts that the Red River will crest at Fargo/Moorhead this week at 38 feet, just 3 feet short of last year's record. This comes more than a week earlier than last year's crest.

posted on Mon, 03/15/2010 - 10:05am
Liza's picture
Liza says:

We're setting up the webcam in the Mississippi River Gallery so we can watch the river rise. I heard this morning that the Mississippi is expected to reach flood stage late this week or over the weekend. Stay tuned...

posted on Mon, 03/15/2010 - 10:21am
PetER's picture
PetER says:

The Mississippi at the Ford Pkwy Bridge was running much higher than last week with a LOT of big ice chunks in it. Not much of that ice here at the Museum, but it is coming this way.

posted on Mon, 03/15/2010 - 3:46pm
Liza's picture
Liza says:

The river at Fort Snelling is already over 13".

Ice jams are a big concern. According to the National Weather Service,


(The all-caps is their writing, not mine.)

posted on Mon, 03/15/2010 - 5:20pm
Liza's picture
Liza says:

Take a look at stream gauge data for downtown St. Paul: the river's risen more than a foot today already. It's currently running at just under 7', on its way to a predicted 16"4'.

16'4" is high water, alright. In fact, 16'4" would place 10th on a list of the top-10 historical crests here in downtown St. Paul. But it's nowhere near the 2001 crest, at 23.76", or the 1965 crest (the historical record level) at 26.01".

On the other hand, the river's also running about a foot higher than forecast right now. So we'll see what happens.

Landmarks to think about:

  • At 14", parts of Lilydale are inundated. (St. Paul Winter Carnival medallion hunters will remember this.)
  • At 17.5", Harriet Island starts to become submerged.
  • At 18", parts of Warner Road may become impassable.
  • At 18.5", the St. Paul downtown airport at Holman Field will close.
posted on Mon, 03/15/2010 - 5:09pm
Liza's picture
Liza says:

Forecast was increased this morning to just under 17'.

posted on Tue, 03/16/2010 - 5:50pm

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