It's two of my great loves -- PBS science shows, and Auto Tune -- brought together by Symphony of Science and made accessible to everyone via YouTube.

Watch them all. Download the MP3s. And you might find yourself walking around all day, singing to yourself

"...the secrets of evolution are time and death..."


" of the great revelations of space exploration is the image of the earth, finite and lonely, bearing the entire human species through the oceans of space and time..."


"...matter flows from place to place and momentarily comes together to be you..."


"We are all each other, the Earth, the rest of the universe, atomically..."

And that, friends, would be awesome.
In fact, post your favorite "lyric" below.

"The Unbroken Thread"

"Our Place in the Cosmos"

"We Are All Connected"

"A Glorious Dawn"

Your Comments, Thoughts, Questions, Ideas

Liza's picture
Liza says:

"I find it elevating and exhilarating to discover that we live in a universe which permits the evolution of molecular machines as intricate and subtle as we."

posted on Fri, 02/05/2010 - 1:18pm
JGordon's picture
JGordon says:

"We will find ourselves on... very thin ice, very thin ice, very thin ice..."

Oh, wait. That's something else. I kept expecting an angry gorilla to show up, you know?

Still, this one always stands out to me:
"The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together."

posted on Fri, 02/05/2010 - 3:28pm
Liza's picture
Liza says:

John, that IS something else entirely, but also good. (If you haven't watched AutoTune the News, you should. The one John's quoting is even about science. Kinda.)

Who's your favorite "unintentional singer"? Carl Sagan is surprisingly good. Jane Goodall, too. But David Attenborough just cannot be made to sing, AutoTune or no.

posted on Fri, 02/05/2010 - 3:39pm
caitlyn's picture
caitlyn says:

i thought the whole subject was totally sweet

posted on Sat, 02/06/2010 - 4:25pm
Courts's picture
Courts says:


AAAAUUGGGGHHHH!! So Awesome. Thank you for these!

posted on Tue, 02/09/2010 - 4:09pm
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous says:

that is simply mind blowing

posted on Wed, 02/10/2010 - 12:31pm
Patrick Nelson's picture
Patrick Nelson says:

"We are a way for the cosmos to know itself."
- Carl Sagan

Now THAT is epic, because it's true.

posted on Thu, 02/25/2010 - 2:42pm

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