Powerful earthquake hits Chile

by Anonymous on Feb. 27th, 2010

8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile
8.8 magnitude earthquake in ChileCourtesy Wikimedia Commons
A massive earthquake occurred early this morning (1:34 EST) off the west coast of Chile some 70 miles NNE of the city of Concepcion. The powerful 8.8 magnitude tremor released about 500 times the energy generated by the recent 7.0 earthquake in Haiti. At least 78 people are reported killed, a number which will no doubt rise as information trickles in. Tsunami warnings have been raised across the entire Pacific Basin, including in Hawaii, Australia, and Japan.

Earthquakes are frequent in this area of Chile because it sets on a subduction zone where the Nazca Plate is pushing beneath the South American Plate. The region is also the location of the most powerful earthquake ever recorded on Earth, a 9.5 tremor that struck in 1960.

USGS earthquake center
Richter magnitude scale
More on the May 22, 1960 Earthquake
Plate tectonics

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mdr says:

Outward spread of energy
Outward spread of energyCourtesy NOAA
Here's an interesting map model from NOAA's West Coast and Alaska warning center illustrating the calculated spread of wave energy across the Pacific basin from the Chilean earthquake.

posted on Sat, 02/27/2010 - 4:07pm
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Anonymous says:

This was an interesting peice of information. i think that there should be more detail though :(

posted on Sun, 02/28/2010 - 12:32pm
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Anonymous says:

it is very interesting, though it needs many mare deatails, pictures and facts. :(

posted on Sun, 02/28/2010 - 12:34pm
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Theresa Sutherelin says:

this is very interesting but it needs ore facts and pictures for the little girls and boys to look at. but over all the articals were great.

posted on Sun, 02/28/2010 - 12:35pm

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