Search and rescue at Lilydale Regional Park

by Anonymous on May. 22nd, 2013

West Clay Pit at Lilydale: Wet weather can make the quarries at Lilydale very treacherous and even dangerous.
West Clay Pit at Lilydale: Wet weather can make the quarries at Lilydale very treacherous and even dangerous.Courtesy Mark Ryan
A rescue effort is underway right now in St. Paul where three children are reported to have gotten stranded in Lilydale Regional Park. A helicopter and several rescue units are on site. Two children has already been recovered and taken to hospital but one child is still missing. The children were part of a group of 4th-graders on a field trip from St. Louis Park.

Lilydale is a popular fossil collecting site for school field trips and others but the Decorah shale in the quarries where most of the fossils are found can become very treacherous in wet weather. The crumbly shale reconstitutes into a very thick, slippery muck when it rains making the steep quarry walls very unstable. Three inches of rain have fallen in the Metro area over the past few days.

A firefighter reportedly sustained injuries to his head from a falling rock during one of the rescues. Let's hope everything else turns out okay.

WCCO Radio report

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mdr says:

Scene of rockslide accident: Lilydale Regional Park
Scene of rockslide accident: Lilydale Regional ParkCourtesy St. Paul Fire Department
This story, unfortunately, ended in tragedy with the death of two of the school children. Another child remains hospitalized. My heart goes out to the families, teachers, and friends involved in this terrible accident. The city of St. Paul has closed the quarries indefinitely, pending investigation into safety of the area.

posted on Fri, 05/24/2013 - 11:37am

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