Zoonoses: Is it healthy to sleep with your pet?

by Thor on Mar. 04th, 2011

Last night I learned a new word: zoonoses. It's the study of the health risks of interactions between humans and animals. And I learned it all in relation to this news report about people who let their pets sleep in their bed each night. Is it really a good idea? I think it's interesting that the veterinarian in the story opts not to sleep with his pets.

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Liza's picture
Liza says:

No link! That's a cruel tease, Thor. Is there a science-y word for that? :)

posted on Fri, 03/04/2011 - 4:43pm
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous says:

I would always sleep whith my cat ... but now i know not too!

posted on Wed, 03/30/2011 - 4:02pm
nakei'briana's picture
nakei'briana says:

I sleep with mydog but I don't care about what hte experts say!

posted on Fri, 04/22/2011 - 9:01am
breanna's picture
breanna says:

i sleep whith my dog

posted on Fri, 04/22/2011 - 11:51am
Crrystal Parra's picture
Crrystal Parra says:

It is not safe at all. If you do you will get sick for all the germs that only you're dog can give you.

posted on Sun, 05/15/2011 - 1:59pm
Thor's picture
Thor says:

My dog ate the link while I was sleeping....actually, I think the link is there and working now....I couldn't get the video to embed and had to settle for the link.

posted on Fri, 03/04/2011 - 5:19pm
''s picture
' says:

my dog gives me allergies and cat too

posted on Thu, 03/24/2011 - 10:30am
bre's picture
bre says:

i have dog and i let him sleep with me every night. is that bad?

posted on Sat, 03/05/2011 - 1:20pm
brick's picture
brick says:

Depends on multiple factors, such as how recently the dog went outside to urinate, how warm the room is, etc, etc.

posted on Sat, 03/12/2011 - 4:41pm
gaby's picture
gaby says:

the dog migght get sick one day u might not know yet then u could get sick.

posted on Fri, 03/25/2011 - 1:04pm
gaby's picture
gaby says:

i think that it not good to sleep with your pet or pets because they could be sick then u might get sick too.

posted on Fri, 03/25/2011 - 1:01pm
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous says:

Thats lamee, I think they are just tryimg to scare you about yur animals, which isn't rightt./:

posted on Tue, 04/12/2011 - 10:41am
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous says:

i sometimes sleep with my cat but i usually dont cause she likes to wreck my nightstand.

posted on Fri, 07/22/2011 - 12:42pm
Anonymas's picture
Anonymas says:

I love my dog and I will sleep with him all the time and my cat, too. I've never gotten sick and neither has my pets and they have all their shots and so do I. I like sleeping with my pets and they like sleeping with me. I don't want to stop no matter what!

posted on Wed, 08/24/2011 - 1:31pm
Vrocks's picture
Vrocks says:

I love my dogs but I would never let them sleep on my bed. its not that they are not clean because i bath them every other day. its just that my dogs have their own bed that is as comfy as mines!

posted on Thu, 08/25/2011 - 6:37pm
susan's picture
susan says:

LOL girl, i sleep with my 5 dogs every day girl, what about you?!?!?!!?!?

posted on Sat, 11/26/2011 - 1:53pm
Katielol's picture
Katielol says:

i wouldsleep with my dog if i could but my parents thinks it's gross if they have been outside. Ha Ha lol by peoples. Hope you read this then you are awesome

posted on Thu, 09/27/2012 - 2:08pm
hochbeet's picture
hochbeet says:

the risks of cross infection are higher if you are discussing animals such as birds, horses and rabbits if you keep your House and your dog clean and in a hygienic environment then the risk of you catching any disease from your dog are very low.

posted on Fri, 02/08/2013 - 8:49pm
Wilson4's picture
Wilson4 says:

As we know we all human beings are being created by god so there is no discrimination among us. The same rule is also applicable in case of animals. When we have a pet we should treat them well and allow them to share our bed and this will increase the interaction between the pet and the owner.

posted on Fri, 03/15/2013 - 6:56am

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