Carbon nanotubes mimic asbestos in mice

Carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanotubesCourtesy St Stev
A new study published in the scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology shows that longer fibers of carbon nanotubes seem to mimic asbestos when injected into the abdomens of mice. This raises new safety concerns for the up-and-coming technology.
When the mice were injected with asbestos and with various sizes of carbon nanotube samples, the researchers discovered that the longer nanotubes acted in the same way as the asbestos, causing inflammation and lesions. Exposure to asbestos is considered the main cause of a cancer known as mesothelioma.
Just like nanotechnology today, asbestos was once considered a wonder material until its cancer-causing effects on the protective covering (mesothelium) of the body’s organs were realized.
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andyshadexx's picture
andyshadexx says:

awww that is so not cool, but everything have a side effect to it weather it a good things side effect or not

posted on Thu, 05/22/2008 - 9:58am
BLB's picture
BLB says:

See these stuff is what scares people... Knowing AND NOT! knowing, what nano technology can do......


posted on Thu, 05/22/2008 - 10:03am
MrBig621188's picture
MrBig621188 says:

at least we are finding out now so it doesn't cause widespread problems later so i say discovering this was a good thing weather or not the effects are good or not

posted on Thu, 05/22/2008 - 10:13am
twila_08's picture
twila_08 says:

That is scary because they want to use these things in our body.

Twila Turnage

posted on Thu, 05/22/2008 - 10:19am
SLC's picture
SLC says:

I agree, that would be so scary and creepy for people to want to use thing in your body and that would be really werid. What about something wrong happen to your body? I know I wouldn't want anyone to put or use thing in my body at all.

posted on Mon, 12/08/2008 - 12:54pm
nextgen's picture
nextgen says:

I agree with mdr and that exposure to asbestos has also been found to cause asbestosis, pleural fibrosis and lung cancer. According to OSHA and EPA, there is nothing like a safe exposure level to asbestos especially when handling asbestos equipment.

posted on Sat, 07/31/2010 - 7:15am

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