Chimps: “Your butt seems very familiar to me”

Turn around: I think I might know you from somewhere else.
Turn around: I think I might know you from somewhere else.Courtesy Aaron Logan
So here’s a project that researchers must have had a lot of laughs doing. They’ve found that chimps are as likely to remember a fellow acquaintance of their species by their butt as by their face.

Captive chimps were able to match up at a high rate of success photos of rear ends and faces of chimps they’d previously met. Here’s how it worked:

Each participating chimp was flashed a picture of another's rear end, with visible genitals, then shown the face of the derriere's owner and another face of the same gender.

Both males and females were successful in this anatomical match game, pairing faces and posteriors with much greater frequency than chance alone—but only if the photos showed chimps they already knew.

You are now free to go ahead and make up your own J-Lo joke.

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tasia loc's picture
tasia loc says:

thats really intersting because as a human we usually remember people by there faces

posted on Wed, 10/15/2008 - 2:35pm

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