Flaming death balls. So bad, so awesome.

A regular flaming ball: Flaming DEATH balls are on back order, I'm afraid. Also, the Pentagon doesn't really like talking about them for some reason.
A regular flaming ball: Flaming DEATH balls are on back order, I'm afraid. Also, the Pentagon doesn't really like talking about them for some reason.Courtesy mynameisharsha
Imagine being burned to death. Ugh. Just awful. And, sometimes, we soft little human beings with families and goofy favorite foods do it to other soft little human beings with families and gross old pets that they love. On purpose.

Burning each other to death is an old human trick, but it really makes one wonder if we ought to totally re-think what is even remotely acceptable in our conflicts.

That said… check this out.

Weaponized, flaming, rocket, bouncy-balls. Holy cats. The Pentagon has developed what are essentially hollow bouncy balls made of rubberized rocket fuel. They have one little hole that acts as a vent, so when they are ignited they are propelled by a stream of 1000-degree exhaust to ricochet randomly around the inside of a structure.

Did you ever take one of those rubber super balls and just wail it into a room, hoping that your face wasn’t going to be in whatever path it chose in its crazy bouncings*? This would be sort of like that, but way hotter and faster.

You have to admit… it’s kind of cool.

Using explosives to destroy a facility housing or building weapons of mass destruction is a bad idea, because they can cause materials of mass destruction to be scattered everywhere. But filling the same structure with super-hot, flaming bouncy balls would pretty much wreck everything just as well, without blasting radioactive material all over a city.

Flaming death balls. Whoa.

*Are you trying to say you haven’t ever done that? Your loss.

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kali0082's picture
kali0082 says:

I am trying to think of what the advantage to these death balls would be... how are they in any way useful? Maybe when you need to destroy an entire room, but there are easier ways to do that. I guess the advantage of the bouncing is that you get a couple tries to hit your target...

posted on Wed, 11/12/2008 - 6:19pm
JGordon's picture
JGordon says:

I think it's that everything in a room could be destroyed without destroying the room itself, as it were. It's like the post says about the WMDs—some rooms are too dangerous to just blow up. What's in the room (or bunker) could be more dangerous than the explosion itself, so you'd want to make sure everything stayed put. Death balls could destroy everything in a bunker, without blasting it all over a city.

It's still super weird.

posted on Wed, 11/12/2008 - 6:27pm
Jackie Rabideau's picture
Jackie Rabideau says:

The fire gun sounds like something you'd see in first person shooter games. I wish they'd test these on Mythbusters. LIke a show seeing if you could cook a turkey with one of the guns or something. Might be handy in case you'd like a campfire as well.

posted on Thu, 11/20/2008 - 11:42pm

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