yellowjacket wasp: photo from Wikipedia commons
yellowjacket wasp: photo from Wikipedia commons

How big can a wasp nest get?

A wasps nest was traded in at Collector's Corner this week. Recently, I have seen articles on the internet of wasps nests so large that they fill up cars or even mobile homes. Normally these nests do not get much bigger than a basketball and contain a few thousand wasps. The super-sized nests may contain as many as 100,000. One mammoth nest discovered in South Carolina contained roughly a quarter-million workers and as many as 100 queens.
Usually all wasps in a nest die from the cold during winter. Only the queen seeks shelter so as to start a new colony the next year.
You can read more giant wasp nest stories here and here.

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Your rating: None Average: 2 (2 votes)

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justin's picture
justin says:

i hate those things i cant even imagine a nest that fills up a mobil home! ohhhh!

posted on Tue, 07/17/2007 - 5:08pm
Verron Federation's picture

Owning a wildlife control company in Georgia, we do a ton of hornet nest removals. I have to tell you that the largest hive that we have encountered has had 17 queens. I am happy for our technicians that they do not encounter hives like the one mentioned in the article.

Thanks for sharing the information.

posted on Mon, 04/21/2014 - 9:34am

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