X Prize winner: Source: rockits gallery
X Prize winner: Source: rockits gallery

Revolution through competition

One way to get something done is to offer a multi-million dollar prize to anyone that will do it. This afternoon I watched live, via the internet, the Lunar Lander Challenge:

A rocket-propelled vehicle with an assigned payload must takeoff vertically, climb to a defined altitude, fly for a pre-determined amount of time…then land vertically on a target that is a fixed distance from the liftoff point. After remaining at this location for a period of time, the vehicle must takeoff, fly for the same amount of time, and land again on its original launch pad.

Live coverage is really exciting because you do not know what might happen. The single contestant, Armadillo Aerospace, with their vehicle named Pixel, broke several records in their attempt to win the $350,000 prize. They executed four flights within the alotted time but were not able to return to the point of origen.

A ten million dollar prize has already been claimed

The event was founded by the creators the Ansari X Prize, the $10 million prize package offered to anyone who could launch a re-usable sub-orbital spacecraft, capable of carrying passengers, twice in a two week period. This prize was won on October 4, 2004 by the Tier One project using the experimental spaceplane SpaceShipOne (the 47th anniversary of the Sputnik 1 launch).

X Prize spinoffs

The success of the X Prize competition has spurred spinoffs that are set up in the same way.

  • M Prize (short for Methuselah Mouse Prize), which is a prize set up by University of Cambridge biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey which will go to the scientific team that successfully extends the life or reverses the aging of mice.
  • Tether Challenge in which teams compete to develop superstrong tethers as a component to space elevators
  • Beam Power Challenge which encourages ideas for transmitting power wirelessly (see also Elevator 2010)
  • Automotive X Prize: design, build and sell super-efficient cars that people want to buy.
  • Rocket Racing League rocket plane race track in the sky

Read more about the X Cup Prize and its history and future here.space,

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Steven Woods's picture
Steven Woods says:

I am sure there is a simple answer for my question so I am hoping that someone can answer . Why is the current space shuttle not included in the new moon mission. Why couldn't the shuttle send up module units like the space station along with pulposion and pilot ship parts. that way the ship can be put together as large and as much equipement needed to set up a large complex on the moon. The shuttle can transport as much equipment ans supplies as needed. A freight shuttle that was put together in could ferry back and forth with supplis and personnel. This concept would advance us years ahead of the current thinking. Why reivent the wheel when we can use proven equipement to do the job. We know that building ships in orbit is going to be the way of the future we are going to the mars and beyound. Using the moon complex for this purpose as well unlimited task that could be done on the moon.

Steven Woods

posted on Fri, 03/07/2008 - 9:45am
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ARTiFactor says:

Toward the end of 2005 NASA briefed senior White House officials on its plan to spend $100 billion and the next 12 years building the spacecraft and rockets it needs to put humans back on the Moon by 2018. You can learn about NASA's New Moon Plans also known as 'Apollo on Steroids' by clicking on the links.

posted on Sat, 03/08/2008 - 12:12pm

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