Grandmom was right about catching colds

My grandmother always told me to wrap up or I'd catch a cold.

Scientists, however, always said there was no link between the two things. But researchers at the Common Cold Centre in Cardiff, Wales, now say that they can prove that getting chilled really can cause a cold to develop.

How can that be? Professor Ron Eccles says that when cold viruses are circulating in a community, many people have mild infections with no symptoms. Getting chilled, however, constricts the flow of blood to extremities, like your nose, and shuts down the supply of white blood cells that help to fight the infection. He also says that cold noses may be one reason that cold symptoms tend to be seasonal.

So put on a hat and keep your feet dry!

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That's funny. I went on a walk today with some co-workers through the cold and the snow. We actually ended up debating this study since one of us had actually heard of some scientific research to the contrary. I couldn't track down any information on that but did run across some other cool science about the common cold.

These scientists at Massey University in New Zealand are looking deep into the cold virus using a technique called "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance". They use a super magnet and sensors to look at the "fingerprint" of the molecules that make up the cold virus to better understand how we might prevent it from infecting our bodies. Watch a video of the process.

posted on Tue, 01/03/2006 - 4:30pm

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