Graphene oxide

Graphene, the wonder material

Graphene: Unzip it and add oxygen to get graphene oxide
Graphene: Unzip it and add oxygen to get graphene oxideCourtesy Dr Thomas Szkopek
If you look at my posts about graphene you will understand why I think graphene is a super material. One chemically converted graphene product of interest (CCG) is graphene oxide (GO). Graphene oxide, an insulating version of graphene, is expected to be used for all kinds of material and electronic applications. Graphene oxide is also biodegradable. Bacteria from the genus Shewanella easily convert GO to harmless graphene.

Safer, more efficient way to make graphene oxide

A new paper in ACSNano from the lab of Rice chemist James Tour demonstrates an environmentally friendly way to make bulk quantities of graphene oxide (GO). Scientists have been making GO since the 19th century, but the new process eliminates the need for explosive or toxic ingredients.

The researchers suggested the water-soluble product could find use in polymers, ceramics and metals, as thin films for electronics, as drug-delivery devices and for hydrogen storage, as well as for oil and gas recovery. Science Dailey

Learn more about improved synthesis of graphene oxide

Graphene oxide gets green EurekaAlert

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