A hat that reads minds

Eat no beans!: Researchers have discovered the cause of brain farts.
Eat no beans!: Researchers have discovered the cause of brain farts.Courtesy WriterHound

Totally different.

Ever make a mistake while performing a simple task over and over? The scientific term for these is “brain farts,” and I’m surprised JGordon didn’t jump all over this story. Anyway, researchers have found that that up to 30 seconds before the far… er, lapse in concentration, the brain starts relaxing. This may be related to the phenomenon of sensory fatigue, when your brain stops registering a persistent input (such as a droning noise in the background, or the feel of clothes against your skin).

Anyway, the amazing mind-reading hat could, at some foreseeable point in the future, sound an alarm whenever it recognized brain gas building, and jolt you back to concentration. It would be a great benefit to me in meetings, except I’m afraid it would go off so often no one could get anything done.

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JGordon says:

I wonder... I can imagine the machine that detects the brain relaxing, but the one that detects the farts--there's the real scientific breakthrough. I'll bet it's uncomfortable wear, though.

Also--I like the hat idea, but a better model would have a little light bulb instead of the alarm. And the light could be on top of the hat, where everyone but you could see.

posted on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 3:27pm

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