Housing for Haitians

Earthquake and hurricane proof

Haiti housing resource
Haiti housing resourceCourtesy jasonpearce
Housing for Haitians may already be on hand. Sturdy, earthquake and hurricane proof, shipping containers often sit empty in port yards because exporting empty containers is not cost effective.

Pernille Christensen, at Clemson’s School of Architecture, along with Martha Skinner and Doug Hecker, have been working to develop a method to convert the shipping containers into homes.

“Because of the shipping container’s ‘unibody’ construction they are also very good in seismic zones and exceed structural code in the United States and any country in the world,” associate professor Hecker said.

“You get people back in their communities and it strengthens those communities,” Christensen said. “They work on their home, not a temporary shelter, and then they work with their neighbors to rebuild the neighborhood. It leads to a healthier and safer community. And these are places often in dire need of better housing.”


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Lexie P's picture
Lexie P says:

It's really good to hear that they are planning already for relocation or I min a tentative location or residents because it's something that the people of need as of now. They need a place to live in. Most especially they really need food and water to live and survive. So if you want to donate to charity through one of the text message campaigns, check the bona fides before you do. Some are legit, and aren't run by scammers that will send you running for payday loans and a lawyer to try and sue some con artist into the Stone Age, who the Chinese won't extradite. For instance, text Haiti to 90999 is the American Red Cross, text Haiti to 501501 is the Wyclef Jean ran foundation, and text Haiti to 20222 is the Clinton Foundation. If you were thinking of donating to Haitian earthquake relief via text message, those three are likely the best bets.

posted on Wed, 01/20/2010 - 4:48am
corey's picture
corey says:

i would love to hwlp

posted on Tue, 03/09/2010 - 11:00am
maerk40's picture
maerk40 says:

I think this is a wonderful idea, it would provide great housing to those who have been left out in the streets by the Haiti earthquake and have no means to rebuilt their homes. This kind of houses would solve future earthquakes problems as well, there is no doubt that Haiti is going to deal with similar events sooner or later.
Mark, Homeowners Insurance

posted on Fri, 07/23/2010 - 2:56am

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