How To Use Bluetooth Headphone's

Here’s everything you need to know connecting a bluetooth device to your apple computer.

I know some people have bluetooth headphones, headsets or speakers that the have brought for their computer, but do not know how to connect them for use. So in this video I will walk you through the steps of connecting and using your bluetooth device on your computer.

Well the first thing you would need to do is to look at the bluetooth device booklet and read it thoroughly because their is some information that you will definitely need, which is your device pass key, how long your device will need to charge your device “By the way, always charge the maximum amount of time because it will be a lot easier to connect to your computer that way”, but you will also need to know how to put your device in pairing mode.

Two, only apple computers with mac OS X Version 10. 5. 8, and higher can use a bluetooth device because earlier versions didn't have a bluetooth module, and you can check this by going to the apple on the very upper left hand corner. click on it and you should find a tab saying “about this mac”. So now that we have that covered, again go to the apple in the very upper left hand corner and click on the tab that says “system preferences”, and you should find the icon bluetooth. Click on it and it should have a icon that says “Set Up New Bluetooth Device” Click on that and when it gives you a choice to turn on or leave off bluetooth, turn it on. Then it’s gonna ask you what type of device it is, so click on your device type and immediately put your device in pairing mode, then press continue. Once you see your bluetooth device name, double click it. Then you will need to put in your device pass key, which is usually 0000, then press continue, and your bluetooth device is paired with your computer.

Now using your device with your computer go back to your system preferences, click on bluetooth icon, then click on the silver gear button, and it should have an option that says use and then your type of bluetooth device. Click on it and your bluetooth device should connect to the mac. PS you can tell when screen has a green bubble that says connected.
Now go to your sound options in your system preferences and if you have speakers or headphones click on the link output and their you will double click your bluetooth device from their menu. I you have a headset go to the icon input and double click your device.
if you have a printer, keyboard or mouse go to those icons in system preferences and double click your bluetooth device.

And that's all you need to know about connecting your bluetooth device to your mac

Thanks for reading, and good Luck.

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Tenqa says:

Some manufacturers use '1234' as the pairing code. Usually it is '0000' or '1234'.

posted on Fri, 11/20/2009 - 4:29pm

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