Hypoallergenic cats no longer available for sale. They may never have been.

PJ the Cat
It is with bitter disappointment that I share this link: it’s the end of the line for hypoallergenic cats. Remember the promise of the hypoallergenic cat? People who would enjoy sharing their home with a cat but who were previously unable due to allergies (I count myself among this number) were given hope with the $4,000 felines, “guaranteed” to not cause allergic reactions.

No more.

Allerca Lifestyle Pets, the provider, announced on its website recently that due to its recent acquisition that it will no longer produce the hypoallergenic cats (and dogs) to customers.

Further, one wonders if Allerca was actually producing the cats (and dogs) as they promised. According to The Scientist, despite many testimonials they were never able to produce any scientific evidence that their cats were actually hypoallergenic and apparently there are a number of blogs out there decrying Allerca for non-delivery and non-performance. So it may have all been wishful thinking anyway.

My current plan is to find the smallest short hair cat possible – small animal, less spit to be allergic to. That’ll work, right?

What I find of ancillary interest is that internally here at the museum we have been looking at scientific denialism and fraudulent science. If I applied a skeptic’s “filter” to my examination of the claims on the Allerca web site, the heavy dependence on testimonials rather than scientific data, the attacks on groups who are skeptical of their claims, the use of lots of scientific jargon and that fact that they are shutting down even though their product was claimed to be effective makes me lean to an opinion that they may not be able to deliver what they say they can. However, as with anything be your own skeptic. Don’t form an opinion based on what I am saying alone – do some research, and use the evidence you collect – especially the evidence that is supported by scientific research – to make your own conclusions.

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Anonymous says:

you should put him up for sale again!

posted on Sat, 01/23/2010 - 2:21pm
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Anonymous says:

Seems the idea of being able to isolate individuals with non-allergen saliva is unlikely. There are, however, breeds of cats with little or no hair. So people find them unattractive, but...try a Rex or some Asian breeds.

posted on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 5:07pm

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