Invisible tank not actually invisible. It just looks that way.

An invisible tank: Right in front of that other tank.  (photo courtesy of wikimedia commons)
An invisible tank: Right in front of that other tank. (photo courtesy of wikimedia commons)
Great Britain has been making some progress in the field of “ways to kill people with out them seeing you do it.” In the past, we had to be satisfied with impersonal methods like booby traps and poisoning, but, with the help of science, before long we should be able to safely view our own nefarious deeds - while hiding in plain sight! Sort of.

The UK’s Ministry of Defense has recently unveiled a prototype “invisible” tank, and predicts that similar models will be ready for service (the service of blowing things up! Yeah!) by 2012.. Unlike a lot of other invisibility research, which often focuses on bending light around an object, the invisi-tank (as I like to call it) relies on “cameras and projectors to beam images of the surrounding landscape onto the tank.” I’m not sure if these cameras and projectors are on the tank itself, or nearby. That’s probably a secret.

A soldier who was present at the trials was quoted as saying, "This technology is incredible. If I hadn't been present I wouldn't have believed it. I looked across the fields and just saw grass and trees - but in reality I was staring down the barrel of a tank gun."

It is also believed that the Ministry of Defense is “testing a military jacket that works on the same principals.”

I recommend that you take a look at the original article. The picture of the scientist in charge of the project is great. He completely redefines the stereotypical image of a scientist. Oh wait, no, I mean he reinforces it.

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Joe's picture
Joe says:

More on modern day cloaking devices here.

Shameless self promotion.

posted on Sun, 11/04/2007 - 10:42pm
andres ballesteros's picture
andres ballesteros says:


posted on Mon, 11/05/2007 - 4:43pm
lmoran's picture
lmoran says:

Amazing, but pretty scary too!

posted on Mon, 10/20/2008 - 9:29pm
Ghufran's picture
Ghufran says:

lol .. all modern day tanks are equipped with Infra red whch can pick up heat signatures. Though extremly effective at night, im not sure abt their efficiency on a hot day ... Further , cameras and projectors in the battle field .... WTF

posted on Fri, 02/05/2010 - 2:59am
Zombie Destroyer's picture

Not surprising to me.

posted on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 10:03am

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