iPhone 4G reception difficulties are your fault, says Apple

The iPhone 4G seems to attract problems. First, Gizmodo get a hold of a prototype in a bar. After that, ordering and delivery did not work as intended. The white iPhone 4G evidently is difficult to manufacture. Now, the final straw - iPhone 4G reception is proving problematic.

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iPhone 4G won’t get reception in certain situations

With one glaring exception, the iPhone 4G really gets better reception than the 3G. With your bare skin, touch the bottom-left corner of the iPhone 4G and reception goes out the window. Apple's solution to this problem is simply "just do not hold the phone that way." You could also spend money above and beyond the phone, iPhone apps, your data plan and your voice plan to get a case. Regardless how you chose to fix it, the iPhone 4G reception difficulties are admitted to by Apple. There are some iPhone owners fixing the problem with tape, Styrofoam, or other homemade solutions.

Color issues with the iPhone 4G

Sure, there isn't any difference in the technology behind the iPhone 4G black and iPhone 4G white, but you will find "manufacturing issues." The promised iPhone 4G white will not be accessible for at least a couple of more weeks, if not months.

Ordering doesn’t work, delivery goes wrong with the iPhone 4G

iPhone 4G ordering has been a big problem for customers and also the company. First, the iPhone 4G delivery date was changed. iPhone 4G orders crashed the AT and T store. Then, the Apple store shut down orders. Apple re-adjusted the delivery date various times. Even with those “fixes” some customers were told they had not successfully ordered when they really did.

Will iPhone 4G continue problems?

The iPhone 4G problems stem, partially, from the extreme demand for the device. The structural troubles with the iPhone 4G just aren't being fixed. Not having reception may be a good thing though -- because AT and T's new data plans are structured in a way that you'll be able to download maybe 2 TV episodes before you go over data allowances for the month.

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My Iphone is horrible....don't buy one.

posted on Mon, 08/30/2010 - 4:12pm

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