Eco Model Haus open meeting and Green Institute tour
Thursday, March 29th
Tour: 5:30-6:30; meeting to follow
The Green Institute, 2801 21st Ave S, Minneapolis

There are many green buildings built from the ground up, but there are not any options for showing what residents can do with their existing homes to live more sustainably. The Eco Model Haus will be an existing home that will be remodeled into a green model home. It will display ways that residents can make changes to their homes from very easy and affordable actions such as a display of fluorescent or LED lights and information on how they are more efficient and what they cost (i.e. Science Museum signage) to more expensive or technical actions such as solar panels. We are working towards finding a location off of the Greenway (bike trails) and/or Lightrail to make the connection to alternative transportation as well and easy to access. This will be a space for homeowners, apartment dwellers and students to tour with hands-on and interactive displays.

Rain barrel (top detail): Rain barrels like this one collect rain so you can use it to water your garden later. The screens keep children, pets, and mosquitos out, while letting water in. (Photo by chrisdigo)
Rain barrel (top detail): Rain barrels like this one collect rain so you can use it to water your garden later. The screens keep children, pets, and mosquitos out, while letting water in. (Photo by chrisdigo)

Other examples of what could be displayed in the Eco Model Haus include:

  • Permeable surface options
  • Compost bin displays with plexi glass showing the decomposition
  • Green rooftop with stairs to view it
  • Rain barrels and options for children to water a nearby garden with the rain barrel water
  • Hybrid (HOURCAR) parking spot
  • Rain garden and native plants
  • Recycling and composting set up inside the home
  • Non-toxic cleaning samples and station to make your own to take home with a recipe
  • The Sustainable Living Resource Center will offer a library, product sample displays, experts on hand, a meeting/workshop space and the Twin Cities Green Guide™'s office. The Eco Model Haus will offer a green model home to Minnesotans to tour, attend workshops, lectures, and do research.

    * For the next six months they will be offering open meetings to the public and professionals to offer opinions on what this space will look like and to assist in the planning and execution of the Eco Model Haus. They hope to obtain a space in 2007, begin planning and creating the space in 2008 and open to the public for tours in 2009 or 2010. And they anticipate a large portion of the project will be planned and installed by volunteers (community members and professionals in the field).

Your Comments, Thoughts, Questions, Ideas

Dan Wodarcyk's picture
Dan Wodarcyk says:

Any chance that this exhibition might possibly travel? There certainly seems to be a need, and a market, to spread this story amongst the informal education community.

posted on Wed, 03/21/2007 - 4:09pm
Liza's picture
Liza says:

You'd have to contact the Green Institute (use the link in the original post), but I would think not. They want to remodel an existing structure to show how green techniques and technologies can be incorporated, and it's pretty tough to tour an existing house.

I don't dispute the need and the market, though. It would be cool.

posted on Wed, 03/21/2007 - 4:16pm
hailey's picture
hailey says:

i think living green is an effort but it is definetly worth it!
GO GREEN!!!!! :)

posted on Wed, 04/07/2010 - 3:03pm

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