Lost civilization found in S.E. Asia

Sumbawa: A map of Indonesia, showing the location of Sumbawa Island.

Scientist working in Indonesia have
found the remains of a civilization wiped out by a volcanic eruption.

Mount Tambora's cataclysmic eruption on April 10, 1815, buried the inhabitants of Sumbawa Island under searing ash, gas and rock and is blamed for an estimated 88,000 deaths. The eruption was at least four times more powerful than Mount Krakatoa's in 1883.

Interestingly, the culture wiped out by the explosion was very different from others in the area. Based on the language they spoke, some scientist had speculated these people originally came from Indochina. (Other Indonesian cultures are believed to have come from south China, via Taiwan and the Philippines.) The archaeologists have dug up pottery similar to that found in Vietnam, strengthening the possibility of a connection.

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kameisha wilson's picture
kameisha wilson says:

i thought that this website for many different reasons in the world goes along way with what civilization was in the beginning of time. i really can imagine exactly what happened and what happened along the way. it feels as though i have been here before in a different time period in a different year of age. i want to now travel to africa to see the meanings of my life.

posted on Mon, 07/02/2007 - 7:28pm
anonomou$'s picture
anonomou$ says:

there was this one time when i thought i had discovered a lost civilization of extremely small people, i'm talking like guliver's travels small, in my sandbox. Turns out it was only lego men that i had burried there when i was 6.

posted on Mon, 08/13/2007 - 8:20pm
advocatebiblical(andnormal)archaeology's picture
advocatebiblical(andnormal)archaeology says:

pompeii again? perhaps when i graduate from an excellent college history program, i will bethe field director. or perhaps i'll be called in to do specialized work here! i'm going to keep dreaming!

posted on Thu, 09/20/2007 - 3:11pm
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous says:

ya I learned alot about what whappened and think its really cool that you guys would things up like that so people old or young can learn more about this stuff. I really like that and thanks kor every thing.. Bye Bye

posted on Sat, 01/05/2008 - 9:48am
Victoria's picture
Victoria says:

I agree because private land normally has things belonging to another habitat. I could also say this area could be shared with people who enjoy to learn more about the enviorment

posted on Sat, 01/05/2008 - 10:41am
Kameisha Lynn's picture
Kameisha Lynn says:

I think that this website does talk about civilization and how it works in many different societies and many different sites. I like this site it brings out alot of situations occuring in the world.

posted on Mon, 10/27/2008 - 9:05am

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