Apple is amazing. Just amazing. They make a computer with apposutely no viruses, they are the creaters of the farms iPod, they release a Hans held touch screen computer like iPad, and they are the maker of the best smart phone ever, but they still get critized for every little mistake! For example if you cover up a part of the new 4th genoration iPhone, you get bad reception! People were very angry at them but they didn't deserve it! They had made an awesome phone with TWO cameras!!! All you needed was a little case anyway! Also everyone critizes their macs for being to expensive! They are pretty much perfact so what do you expect? Apple is a great company and they don't deserve the critizsem that they are getting

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Shana says:

Well, I don't agree that Apple is perfect--and there actually are apple viruses, just not so many as with PCs. Macs can also carry PC viruses and pass them onto PCs even if the mac itself doesn't get infected.

I think that in many cases, you get less for your money. That said, I do like macs and I use them at work and home. But a little criticism never hurt anyone--it helps make products better. And for all the mystery apple builds up around its products, it should expect some guff when they don't measure up to the price tag.

posted on Tue, 08/03/2010 - 9:36am

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