Meat repeat: Would you eat cloned meat?

Raw data: The Food and Drug Administration will soon be deciding if meat from cloned animals will be able to be sold to consumers.
Raw data: The Food and Drug Administration will soon be deciding if meat from cloned animals will be able to be sold to consumers.

Have you ever had that hamburger or steak that you liked so much you just wanted to eat it again and again? Well, you might be able to eat meat produced by the same set of animal genes for years and years if a plan for the sale of cloned meat gets government approval.

The federal government’s Food and Drug Administration will soon be deciding if meat from cloned animals will be able to be sold in your corner grocery store. Last week it received a recommendation from a study group that it okay the public sale of meat and milk from cloned animals.

"All of the studies indicate that the composition of meat and milk from clones is within the compositional ranges of meat and milk consumed in the U.S.," the FDA scientists concluded in a report published in the Jan. 1 issue of the journal Theriogenology, which focuses on animal reproduction.

For several years, the FDA has put the brakes on commercial sales to the few companies that have been researching and developing cloned meat. But over the course of this year, those companies have been presenting a pile of evidence that they think shows cloned meat is safe to eat.

While there can be differences between natural-born and cloned, especially at the genetic and physiological levels, the cloned meat companies contend that there’s no difference between the meats that come from cloned or natural-born animals. But consumer protection groups are leery. And at a minimum, they think cloned meat products should carry special labels to allow people to know when they are buying cloned meat products.

One of the authors of the study supporting cloned meat notes that genetic differences between cloned and natural animals are most pronounced in the embriotic stages of development. By the time a cow, for instance, is mature, those differences are so small that it makes little or no impact on the quality of its meat or milk.
Even if cloned meat does get the FDA’s approval, there likely won’t be a huge jump in the amount of animals cloned for food production purposes. That’s due to the current economics involved with cloning.
Right now is costs about $19,000 to clone a cow. The more you clone, the cheaper the process gets. Six cloned cows would cost about $72,000, or $12,000 a piece. Naturally bred cows are a lot cheaper to reproduce.

But proponents for cloning meat-producing animals could have limited benefits. With certain breeds, cloning could help to promote strong, disease-free genes. Or a farmer might want to clone an unusually productive cow or steer. The cloned-meat industry estimates that only one-percent of herd would be made up of cloned animals. And some ranchers and farmers how have been experimenting with cloned animals admit that some of their cloned animals have already gone into our food chain. There is no process of checking if animals going to a slaughterhouse have been cloned or were naturally born.

Even if cloned meats to get the government’s okay, they might not prove popular with the meat-buying public. A recent national survey of consumers found that 64 percent of Americans are uncomfortable with animal cloning and that 43 percent believe that food from clones is unsafe.

Would you be willing to eat the meat of a cloned animal or drink the milk from a cloned cow? What do you think the FDA should do on this issue?

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Anonymous says:

Cloned meat? Wierd! I think that this would help world hunger, but eating a clone seems unsafe and wierd!!!!!!

posted on Fri, 12/29/2006 - 12:08pm
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Chunkylover21 says:

Yes, due to my status of meatitarian, I will eat anything that tastes like a dead animal.

posted on Sun, 01/28/2007 - 2:55pm
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Anonymous says:

Well, one would THINK and HOPE that it would solve the problem of world hunger, but do you really think that someone is going to give away 6 cloned cows worth $72,000 away for free? Just to feed hungry people? Unfortunately, I think not. Looks like I'm headed down the path of a vegetarian - and contently so.

posted on Mon, 01/29/2007 - 8:47am
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Anonymous says:

Are you planning to be a vegetarian because you just don't eat cloned meat, or are you all about the breeding and killing animals for food is bad type of vegetarian? Because i hope you realize plants a living things too.

posted on Fri, 11/09/2007 - 2:24pm
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Anonymous says:

Okay i agree

posted on Thu, 02/01/2007 - 7:21am
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Steven Montes says:

"I Am Proud To Be An American Ginny Pig"
By Steven Montes
January17, 2008
This article is about the irresponsibility of our United States Government, and the USDA in allowing our families to be endangered while stifling every persons right to sue for medical damages that might occur from the consumption, and exposure to Cloned Meats. And as an American, I am chocking on the very words, "Weapons of Mass Destruction". And we dare to accuse other people, and countries of having weapons of mass destruction. Look who is calling the kettle black.
We the public, have been taken advantage of, once again by our U.S. Government. Only because we have no value as a society. I am very mad., so once again I have to tell the whole World just what is going on. So I am going to tell you, like it is, while warning you against Cloned Meats.
Our United States Government made it possible for us as a society to allow the industry that clones meats to bring this potentially dangerous product into our food chain without being labeled. Politicians were paid large amounts of money to make sure cloned meats did not have to be labeled. The reason for not labeling the meats was, so if Americans get ill from these products no one would have any legal recourse from those families with children being harmed by these products.
As a result of this, we can all be proud to being unsuspecting, naive, American Ginny Pigs. Who is to say what other products have been introduced into our food supply, such as hormones, antibiotics in beef, and let us not forget our genetically engineered foods that are now threatening bee populations in the World.
The reason I am so alarmed is that in the 1950s, Russia was experimenting with Pryonic Cell Lethality. Let me back it up for you. A Pryonic Cell, is a damaged protein cell that attacks the brain like that found in diseases called Encephalitis, and also Mad Cow disease.
Russia was working with Pryonic Cell research that was to be introduced into beef, so that their enemy would die from the consumption of the meat that was designed to kill you within three months. Leaving it impossible for the host to know what killed them.
What is known is that a Pryonic Cell is what caused Mad Cow disease in the first place. What is also known is that butchers in Canada were using a Nibbler Machine to chew away the meat that is still left on the bone, but very hard, and time consuming to recover this meat by hand. So some one got the bright idea to just throw the meat and bones into this machine, and use it as a filler in feed for cows. Extensive Research would have found this type of feed would lead to Mad Cow disease.
It is not for certain how long it will take for Pryonic Cells, from Cloning animals for food to infect the population of the United States, I just know that Scientists involved in cloning process have not done enough research, or conducted long enough studies to find out how long it will take for a Pryonic Cell to infect humans. Or better yet what new Pandemic Diseases will result from eating Cloned meats.
Let us not forget that the cloning meats is not as profitable as fertilization of animals is now. So why clone meats. It is my personal view that the cloning of animals was only intended so the very rich would be able to will their vast fortunes to themselves. But it wouldn’t take long for our Government to impose a tax on this.
The Medical Society wants to clone organs, and body parts, but not after they have long term case studies that show how well their American Ginny Pigs are doing with Cloned meats.
They just needed a lot of test subjects, that wouldn’t cost them any money for long term testing, for the harmful effects of cloned meats on Americans, and now they have them.
Guess what, you will not even see a penny for them to risk your life, and that of your children. At least in other medical Studies they ask for volunteers, you call an 800 number and you get payed like in any other Trial Study. But its okay, because you will not know who to sue anyhow.
We have our U.S. Government to thank for this, and let us not forget, to thank the USDA for protecting us from this potential harm.
Oink, oink for now.

posted on Fri, 01/18/2008 - 12:22am
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tis-chick-s0-fly says:

Yes, I really agree.. Cloned meat? Eww don't sound good at all. It look like it's a really unsafe kind of meat to be cooking or eatting.

posted on Mon, 10/27/2008 - 11:18am
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^^ says:

I agree.
But don't you think cloned meat would not make the world hunger, do you?
Unless we know the certain meat is cloned, we can eat cloned meat naturally!
In my opinion, it is JUST U.N.S.A.F.E.......................


posted on Tue, 07/26/2011 - 9:03am
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Looks like the FDA approved cloned meat.

posted on Fri, 12/29/2006 - 8:24pm
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Abriana says:

Yeah, do you think it's going to be good to eat. Sounds gross to eat, it's cloned HELLO!

posted on Sat, 12/30/2006 - 11:30am
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Kristina Philaya says:

I think that cloning animals is not humaine. The animals that have been cloned in the past haven't been very healthy. So the question arrises-is it worth it to "make" more animals for their meat? Even if it is harmful to the animal?

posted on Sat, 12/30/2006 - 2:24pm
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Anonymous says:

Kristina, who cares if you harm the animal that you plan to kill and eat? It's whole existence is one thing. Die for my enjoyment. Example: I ENJOY eating a cooked dead animal such as a nice steak

posted on Fri, 11/09/2007 - 2:27pm
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Anonymous says:

I dont see that there would be a need to make it have a bad life before! i plan to eat meat and all but i dont think that i needs to be born and treated badly before it does....i live on a farm and we take very good care of all our animals even though we kill them it is important to take care of what we have!

posted on Fri, 05/02/2008 - 8:24am
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Anonymous says:

if i was desparate for food. yes.

posted on Sat, 12/30/2006 - 3:19pm
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Anonymous says:

if i was desparate for food. yes.

posted on Sat, 12/30/2006 - 3:19pm
Kenny: Label Cloned Meat!'s picture

I personally wouldn't eat cloned meat, but I don't have an issue with cloned meat being available. What really irritates me about this issue, is that there have been several comments by scientific leaders that labeling cloned food products will not be necessary.

I don't believe in cloning and I want to know if the food I am about to buy was from a cloned animal or its offspring.

So I started a petition to the FDA (apparently they have set aside only a 90 day period to hear public opinion) to label cloned meat.

Please read it and if you agree sign it at:

posted on Sun, 12/31/2006 - 1:17pm
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Anonymous says:

NO! this just doesn't sound right. like the comment above cloning doesn't provide safety..and WILL NOT end world hunger..

posted on Sun, 12/31/2006 - 6:25pm
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Anonymous says:

Anonymous says:

NO! this just doesn't sound right. like the comment above cloning doesn't provide safety..and WILL NOT end world hunger..
posted on Sun, 12/31/2006 - 7:25pm

Then don't eat cloned meat and shush about it.

posted on Fri, 11/09/2007 - 2:28pm
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There is also allot of good discussion on this subject on our poll: Would you buy/eat meat from cloned animals?

posted on Tue, 01/02/2007 - 11:57am
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Anonymous says:

It was brought to my attention that the FDA plans to determine whether or not cloned meat should or should not be labeled for resale when it becomes available on the market. I am currently searching the web for information on petitions and am not sure the FDA will even look at them from an online source. One petition site states that "epetitions" are only seen as credible in Scotland. I feel this is extremely important information to get out into the community b/c I still have not met anyone who feels that the testing on cloned meat and milk on rats is conclusive and definitive that humans will not be invaded by yet another epidemic. Isn't it bad enough that our meats are tainted with increading growth hormones, estrogens, etc. that have been found in numerous studies to be linked to Cancers. In fact the American Cancer Association recommends a more vegan diet. What new epidemic do they plan to curse us with by allowing cloned meat on the market and futhermore, not informing the public? We have to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.......the young, the uneducated, the underprivileged, etc. I will continue to do research to find out a SURE way to get our opinions to the FDA. When I find out, I will post it here. Thank You.

posted on Sat, 01/06/2007 - 5:00pm
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Josephine Hudspeth says:

I am firmly against the cloning of farm animals as it is completely unneccessary and unorthodox. There are tons of ranchers out there who grow their beef and chicken on natural grains and good hay who would be glad to sell their products. This is going to put the real cattle ranches out of business and increase poverty. Why clone a cow when you can just have the original one reproduce.This is just a way for the government to put farmers and ranchers out of business. Not to mention, how do you really know what is put in that cloned meat? Why is money being spent on something so unneccessary; surely there are more important things to fund. Please consider what this will do to the farmers and ranchers of America.

posted on Wed, 01/10/2007 - 2:13pm
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Rasheeda Austin says:

I strongly advise anyone who does not agree with the consumption and non-lableing of cloned meat to visit the FDA website to voice your opinion on this matter. The deadline is APRIL 2ND 2007. Please do not hesitate on the matter. The link is below - go to this link and click submit comment.

posted on Sun, 01/14/2007 - 12:11pm
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Anonymous says:

As mentioned before, I would post a true way to get our comments to the FDA. You may either write your opinion on their website:, write a letter: Food and Drug Administration, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, Maryland 20857 or by telephone: 1-888-INFO-FDA. Please, contact them and make your opinions known.

posted on Sun, 01/14/2007 - 3:38pm
i cant belive it!!!!'s picture
i cant belive it!!!! says:

what? now this! there could be side affects so dangerous to are health,we could be endanger and get weird side effects or even die! America walk up and smell the coffee this could not be safe for us its not natural!! i wouldnt eat cloned meat if i was stranded on island for days! these should not be permitted its wrong and dangerous and im not a health nut at all but this is pure crazyness

posted on Wed, 01/17/2007 - 4:57pm
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Anonymous says:

Did you also know that it's dangerous to go outside? The evil cancer is trying to get you. Also touching wooden objects could give you slivers which could get infected and you could die. For your own sake please stay indoors for the rest of your life, just to be safe. :)

posted on Fri, 11/09/2007 - 2:36pm
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Lisa says:

The bottom line, whether deemed safe or not by the FDA, is this. I should have the right to decide for myself whether I want to put something into my body or not and I should not be forced into taking the FDA's word for it that it is safe. By not labeling, my right has been taken away to CHOOSE. Choice is what America is supposedly all about..."the land of the free". Right!

Think about how many products now have labels or warning labels or have completely been taken off the market that were once approved and deemed "safe" by the FDA. I refuse to be so naive as to think that since the FDA says it's "safe", then gee, "it must be true". Please! "Big business" in the United States will claim anything to make a dollar. Like the other poster said, "The FDA would approve the consumption of toxic waste if they could get away with it and thought it would be profitable".

I read in an article somewhere that a 14 week diet of cloned meat was fed to mice, so the consumption of cloned meat and milk by humans was deemed "safe" based on this! Can you believe that?!?! A mere 14 weeks does not determine the long-term health risks of anything. It may take years for something potentially dangerous to finally cause heart disease or cancer; not a mere 14 weeks. Consuming trans fats for 14 weeks won't necessarily cause you to kill over and die either, but does that mean that the consumption of trans fats is healthy? Not hardly!

Trans fats or partially hydrogenated oil was once "FDA approved" and required no labeling. After years of the American public being trans fat guinea pigs, the FDA finally required food companies to label trans fats as of Jan. 2006 now that there is enough evidence to prove its harmful effects. (The evidence existed long before it was even approved by the FDA!...Read the research!) The sad thing is though that just like there are currently studies showing the potential harm of cloned meat and milk that the FDA is choosing to ignore, there were also studies showing the potential harm of trans fats that the FDA also ignored until they couldn't ignore it any longer. Are we going to have to be guinea pigs for cloned meat and milk for years and years like we were for trans fats before labeling is ever required?

And the scary thing is this. There is a way to test a product to be able to know if there are trans fats in a product. However, there is no way of testing milk or meat to know if it came from a cloned animal, offspring from a cloned animal, or a natural animal. Even at a slaughterhouse, there is no way of knowing if the cow that is about to be slaughtered is a clone or a natural. So what does this mean? Well to me it means that there is the possibility of lying about a meat or milk product being from a natural animal and it actually be from a cloned animal.

Think about how delicate the neurological system is of a baby. (Think vaccines and autism!) Could you imagine feeding milk from a cloned cow to your newborn baby?! Especially when there are no studies to show the long-term side effects...I don't think so!

The American people have got to wake up! Just because something is "FDA approved", that doesn't mean it is safe. From what I've seen, things are usually "FDA approved" first, then later on, after we have served as guinea pigs for years, then that same product that was once "FDA approved" is found to be "unsafe". But even then, not unsafe enough to take off the market half the time, as it may cut into someone's PROFIT, but only unsafe enough to require labeling like trans fats!

Take a look at some other places in the world. So many of the things in the food supply of the United States have been banned in other countries, or at least require very strict labeling. Take Europe for example. Genetically modified (GM) or genetically engineered food in European countries is a HUGE deal! However, in the United States, we're lucky if people even know what GM foods are. Our government and "big business" (pharmaceutical companies, FDA, media, etc.) wants to keep us ignorant and uneducated of these things so we will keep quiet while they fill their pockets with big profit at the expense of your and my health! (Notice how the general public isn't even aware that the FDA is taking comments about this matter via petition on their website. It could be announced by the media, but there are so many money/profit connections between big business and the media that the media can't risk it. Notice how the FDA announced the approval of cloned meat and milk without labeling on Dec. 28, 2006; during the holidays when people are on vacation and NOT watching the news or reading newspapers.) Take a notice the next time you're watching TV of how many prescription drug advertisements there are during commercials. Even the media is controlled by money!

People, Vioxx was once "FDA approved" as well. There are studies that have existed before FDA approval of some products that showed potential harmful side effects and yet these studies were and still are being ignored by the FDA and become approved anyway for the sake of money and profit.

The only way people can avoid the chemical-laden food anymore these days is to become fishermen and farmers themselves or to buy everything organic from health food stores which the average citizen can not afford; which leaves us with no choice but to resort to the processed, packaged foods, genetically modified fruits and vegetables, the bovine growth hormone-antibiotic laden meat, the pasteurized-homogenized nutrient damaged milk, and the MSG-trans fat laden foods that fill the shelves in our supermarkets.

What can we do about all this?

Well here is what my husband and I have done or are in the process of doing. My husband and I live in a very small, rural town, unincorporated town. My husband is a fisherman, so we eat wild caught seafood (although even here we have to be careful of certain fish that we eat because some are high in mercury due to the mercury released in our bodies of water from industry/power plants). We exercise and eat as healthy as possible to avoid chemical-laden, synthetic, man-made, liver-killing, disease-causing, profit-driven prescription drugs. We have bought enough land to grow our own fruits and vegetables from non-GM seeds that are free of pesticides and other sprays. We consistently write our congressmen and senators about these matters. We write to the editor of our local newspaper about these matters. We sign every petition available. We plan to boycott meat and milk once cloned food products begin to hit the shelves until labeling becomes available, and even then we won't trust it as there is as of now no way to prove whether it really came from a natural or cloned animal. In order to be able to continue to eat meat, eventually, we are going to invest in a few cows, goats, and pigs of our own; enough to supply the needs of our family. And last but not least, we have went to the FDA website and submitted comments on a docket/petition that the FDA is offering about cloned animals. If the American people will come together and fight against this, we can slowly but surely make changes, one step at a time. The FDA is only taking comments on this matter through 4/10/07. Below is the name of the docket at the FDA website and the website where it can be accessed:

Docket Number & Title: 2006P-0415 - Petition Seeking Regulation of Cloned Animals
Comment Period End Date: 04/10/07

posted on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 9:22am
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Anonymous says:

ew. its totally gross i dont like the idea of that

posted on Thu, 01/18/2007 - 5:22pm
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Anonymous says:

I hate the idea of putting cloned meat ANYWHERE near my mouth. Think of all of the chemicals- it's totally not right. Our Lord God put the animals on earth for us to eat and enjoy NATURALLY- NOT CLONED!! Does anyone agree with me? I may not be very smart, but I think that I know that God would not be pleased with the way humans treat his beautiful creation. We are supposed to eat the livestock- not clone them. And by the way, if they are cloned, what's up with not labeling the meat? I mean, come on! I think I have the right to know what I am putting into my body! I mean, seriously. I should have the option of eating real meat or fake. Like noted above, isn't America supposed to be "Land of the Free"?!?!?!? Personally, I think cloning should come to a (COMPLETE) end.

posted on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 7:53pm
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Anonymous says:

I bet your the kind of person that thinks cloning a cow is done in a large lab by people with white trench coats who monitor the cow as it grows bigger and bigger inside a large glass tube of some scientific liquid that speeds up growth. Do some research on it bud.

posted on Fri, 11/09/2007 - 2:40pm
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Anonymous says:

If you look at cloning from a scientific standpoint you would see that the benifits from coning could cure many things as well as alter the future in your favor. Couldn't it? I would love to see more research with cloning in the future.

posted on Sun, 01/28/2007 - 11:37am
Jean's picture
Jean says:

I wouldn't have a problem eating cloned meat. After all, a clone really is nothing more than an artifically created twin. I seriously doubt there could be anything wrong with said meat.


posted on Sun, 01/28/2007 - 2:52pm
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Anonymous says:

True that Jean!

posted on Fri, 11/09/2007 - 2:41pm
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Anonymous says:

Give me some!

posted on Sat, 03/03/2007 - 11:38am
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Anonymous says:

I wonder how much the meat and milk industrie paid the FDA for approving cloned animal meat. This people (literally)walk over dead bodies as long as they get money for it.

posted on Mon, 03/12/2007 - 5:50pm
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Anonymous says:

Meat is good!

posted on Tue, 03/13/2007 - 9:30am
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Liza says:

A consumer group, the Center for Food Safety, alleged today that the FDA's approval process for cloned meat and milk was done too quickly, didn't involve enough stakeholders, and is scientifically flawed.

According to the Reuter's article:

"The consumer group urged FDA to issue a permanent ban on food or feed from cloned animals until the government conducts more safety testing on possible side-effects and addresses concerns over animal cruelty and ethical issues tied to the technology."

posted on Wed, 03/21/2007 - 11:06am
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Anonymous says:

Cloned meat is gross! I know meat is meat and it could potentialy solve world hunger- BUT SEAROUSLY! People are way too selfish! I mean how can we spend decedes distroying the enviroment and its anmials just to turn around and clone them! We need to learn to respect the anmials before we can even think of cloning them on a regular baises.

And if they are gonna sell cloned meat and milk LABEL IT! There are so many disguesting chemicals in there- what about side-effects?! I think we atleast deserve to know and choose what we're putting into our bodies. America is supposed to be free, if people have the choice weather or not to smoke and harm their bodies then me should get the choice weather or not to eat cloned meat.

posted on Tue, 05/01/2007 - 1:36pm
Liza's picture
Liza says:

A lot of people agree with you that "cloned meat is gross."
For some reason, it has an inherent "yuck factor."

However, cloned meat or milk will NOT solve world hunger. As a previous poster said, a clone is nothing more than an artificially created twin. All the resources that go into producing animals today would be used in raising and feeding clones, plus the extra cost of producing them in the first place. (Now, artificial meat, which Joe posted about on 2/17/07, actually might be able to provide protein for the millions of people who go without.)

As you say, humans are encroaching on many animals' habitats, and cloning may someday provide us with a means of perpetuating nearly-extinct species. But a lot of folks would consider that a positive thing (a last-ditch effort, to be sure, but still a positive).

I'm not sure that there are any "disgusting chemicals" in cloned meat or milk. The FDA study found those products safe. And, if you think about it, there's no reason to think that there would be any contamination. (At least, not any more contamination than we already see in conventional food products...E. coli, antibiotics, salmonella, campylobacter, growth factors, etc...)

But I do respect your choice to NOT eat cloned animal products. And you can be sure that if any major food distributor starts to sell cloned products, you'll hear about it. A new marketing niche--we never sell clones!--will pop up, too.

posted on Tue, 05/01/2007 - 2:17pm
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Anonymous says:

I'd like to hear more about these "disgusting chemicals". Like those horrible ones that keep milk from spoiling in your fridge.

posted on Fri, 11/09/2007 - 2:44pm
Trey's picture
Trey says:

Listen i know im not a scientist but common sense stands for a lot. Where did aids come from? Where did all the rest of stds come from? No one really knows. People have opinions but nothings has been proven. This might have nothing to do with the subject at hand but you have to be careful when messing with nature just because we cant find something in our tests doesnt mean it wont rear its ugly head in the future.

posted on Thu, 05/03/2007 - 10:44am
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Anonymous says:

i would not eat cloned meat even if it tastes the same

posted on Tue, 01/15/2008 - 9:54am
Danny's picture
Danny says:

Do not eat cloned meat it can mess up your dna, and cause you to become sterile. The FDA is only out to make money they don't care about our health. Not enough research has been done, but I believe that messing with the natural way things are can lead to our demise. God made things the way they are for a reason. Tampering with that can only cause problems. It has been suspected that the bee population is disapearing because of genetic enginering. Without bees we don't have much of a future.

posted on Sun, 01/20/2008 - 7:17pm
Joe's picture
Joe says:

Whoa there! Hold on a minute Danny! You can't make statements like that with out backing them up with some facts! What are your sources that back up your claims? I for one highly doubt that the FDA would allow cloned meat to be introduced to the market if there was any proof it would, "mess up your dna, and cause you to become sterile."

This, my friends, is the reason why you should always double check what you read on the Internet. Folks with agendas, but without facts to back up statements, will post statements as "true" when in fact they are not. Always double check with a second or third source.

posted on Mon, 01/21/2008 - 11:53am
Ivana's picture
Ivana says:

all of you are thinking about it way too much. If you were to go to a restaurant and they served you a delicious steak and after you finished it and enjoyed it, you come to find out that it was cloned, what are your going to do? Nothing. It just so happens that you assume cloned meat to be disgusting and well what do you know, it tastes the same! People in America are so spoiled nowadays that while scientists are thinking of helping the world all of you are bitter and complaining on how you would never eat it. People please, in Africa or anywhere else, they would eat anything literally and all you can do is complain about how unethical it is. Get real. You know you throw away food you dont want anymore and whatnot. Are you going to the fields at the crack of ass in the morning to tend your farm and crops? NO. you sit on your asses all day and work or study. But others have to break a sweat for YOU to sit and complain about how you want something or not and if you get FULL, you throw it away. So think about it and look beyond the moral issues because in actuality, you know you have done stuff "morally" wrong for your own benefit so why not do something that can help millions of people everywhere.

posted on Thu, 01/31/2008 - 8:03pm
Ron's picture
Ron says:

Some of my best friends are clones. Tom and Don have the same birthday, and they looked quite alike when we first met in the 80's.

Of course, I've no intention of eating them, but I will continue to enjoy this delicious Bartlett pear. crunch! Maybe afterwards I'll have an apple. Tonight I'll likely enjoy a glass of wine. All of which are, naturally, the fruit of cloned plants, as are raspberries, and strawberries. I'm wondering if I should wander down to my local co-op grocery and post signs labeling all the cloned produce. I bet that would cause quite a stir.

Animals are no different -- they're identical twins, in this case they just have a different birthday.

Switching from genetic preservation to genetic modification for a moment, perhaps I should label all the bread made from GM yeast, too. Oh, wait. That's basically all bread today. Hmmm... This could take a while...

posted on Sun, 06/08/2008 - 9:49am
Herve's picture
Herve says:

I think everyone is missing the point on this story and on cloning in general.

The real danger with cloning has nothing to do with the misconception of eating dangerous food, it has to do with SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

Clone herds of cows, and what you will end up is a huge number of replica of the same strengths and flaws. Now, it would suffice that ONE BACTERIA finds a killer flaw and adapt itself to use it, and we would end up with a very large scale disaster. The more cloned animals/plant there are, the more prone to large-scale disaster global agriculture will be. See this for a more developed argument on why is cloning bad

Instead of creating nature freaks, scientist should focus on how to make a sustainable agriculture

posted on Tue, 01/04/2011 - 6:22am
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Er, I would. I don't think there would be much difference in taste, would it? And as far as Africa or Asia is concerned, much of the poor guys there would love to have any beef steak they can lay their hands on - cloned or not!

posted on Thu, 05/05/2011 - 5:04am
Anonymous's picture
Anonymous says:

if people can eat artificial "vegetarian meat" when it is full of preservations and chemicals..then i think the people will get used to cloned meat which is almost identical to real meat soon enough in the future..

posted on Sat, 03/17/2012 - 12:06pm

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