Nation, world watches on as 111-year-old virgin loses title. Olympic ratings plummet.

Henry: His own bad self.
Henry: His own bad self.Courtesy KeresH
We live in exciting times, Buzzketeers, exciting times! Never before has the population of the world been so thrilled to see a 111-year-old get it on.

I’m talking sex here, folks. Sex.

Yes, the world has carefully peeled its eyeballs from now-damp television screens across every continent, forgoing the stale gender isolation that is the summer Olympics for the steamy, primordial, and sexy land of iniquity we call Middle Earth. I mean New Zealand.

This feisty Casanova had everything going against him and his love live. Aside from his formidable age, he only recently got out of 17 years of solitary confinement, a punishment given for an aggression problem that culminated in him giving a serious bite to a lady—the very lady that would become his baby’s momma all these years later! Why do we love the ones that hurt us the most? On top of all this, the centenarian, name o’ Henry, has scaly lizard skin, and was born with a third eye. Also, he had a tumor on his butt until the recent past. And he’s a lizard, which can’t help things.

Or not a lizard, precisely, but a tuatara. Tuatara made an appearance on Science Buzz not long ago, regarding their status as not-exactly-lizards, and their potential inability to survive in our spicy hot new world.

Well, Henry the tuatara and his 70-something lady friend, Mildred, are doing their best to prove us wrong (about the viability thing, not the lizard thing). Henry, never before observed mating in his long life, is now the father of 11 eggs. How many of these eggs actually hatch remains to be seen, of course. Whether they yield a healthy ratio of males-to-females (see the Buzz link above) may be up in the air too, although the fact that they were laid in captivity probably means that they’re being carefully incubated in the appropriate temperature range for developing embryos of both sexes.

Oh, gold medals all around!

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what a wonderful lizard, it's so cool, I like him

posted on Tue, 04/06/2010 - 6:56am

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