New bite-sized salamander discovered. Commence biting.

The patch-nosed salamander: Think of how many dimes you could fit in your mouth! And this would be easier, because salamanders are so soft!
The patch-nosed salamander: Think of how many dimes you could fit in your mouth! And this would be easier, because salamanders are so soft!Courtesy University of Georgia
Oh, happy July 8, Buzzketeers! A brand new salamander has been discovered in a Georgia creek! (In several Georgia creeks, actually.) And it represents not only a new species, but also an entirely new genus! This is the first time in fifty years that a new genus of four-legged animal has been found in the United States.

But that’s not the best part; the best part is that this new salamander is small enough to easily fit in your mouth! At just two itty-bitty inches, the salamander is in fact small enough to easily fit into a baby’s mouth. An average adult could probably fit dozens of these things in his or her mouth! (This is assuming that said mouth isn’t wired shut for some reason. The salamanders may be able to fit up a straw whole, but I’m guessing that it would make more sense to blend them up first, in which case one could still get in plenty of salamanders by volume, but determining the number of individuals might be hard.)

The researchers are excited to study the new genus, and hope that, being among the smallest salamanders in the world, the new specimen might tell them something about the evolution of miniaturization in salamanders. And when they’re finished with that, they can just toss the little suckers in their mouths, and maybe eat them.

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tyler thomas jackson's picture
tyler thomas jackson says:

This is the funniest thing I ever heard!!!

posted on Wed, 03/28/2012 - 7:47am
Lela's picture
Lela says:

I found one today under a bag of soil on my drive way! I took a photo of it next to an acorn. Thought it was an earthworm until it started moving. It's pretty cold out so I thought I'd catch it and move it but it was so tiny I was afraid I'd hurt it. I ended up shooing it back under the bag. Very interesting!

posted on Fri, 11/15/2013 - 4:55pm

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