New sponge may soak up greenhouse gasses.

Nanotech sponges can absorb hydrogen, carbon dioxide, or methane.

COF-108: Credit: José L. Mendoza-Cortés
COF-108: Credit: José L. Mendoza-Cortés
Omar Yaghi was named one of the "Brilliant 10" by Popular Science magazine last fall, describing him as a "hydrogen nano-architect". Like an architect, Yaghi links together well-defined molecules like building blocks to create porous crystalline structures. Referred to as metal-organic frameworks, or MOFs, these crystal sponges have nanosized openings which can be customized to soak up only molecules of a particular size (like hydrogen or methane). MOFs could lead to the first workable fuel tanks for a hydrogen cars, or laptops and cell phones.

New material sets record for most surface area per gram.

Yaghi's newest material, called covalent organic frameworks, or COFs "(pronounced "coffs") are crystalline porous organic networks. A member of this series, COF-108, has the lowest density reported of any crystalline material. One gram of COF-108, has a surface area equal to 30 tennis courts. Yaghi specifically cited COFs as a possible storage medium for carbon dioxide capture and sequestration systems.

Learn more about Omar Yaghis and his research:

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Anonymous's picture
Anonymous says:

I think this could very very useful one reason is it could be a fuel cell for hdrogen cars which could cut down on polution and it could replace some batteries that would cut down on watse piles.

posted on Wed, 06/13/2007 - 12:44pm
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Anonymous says:

Use horses if gas is to much for ya.

posted on Fri, 10/19/2007 - 2:23pm
Storm Chaser Girl's picture
Storm Chaser Girl says:

I really hope thaat they know what they are doing. If it works, good. If not....oh well. Sucks to be us. How bout we try to be better where we put our trash.

posted on Sun, 05/23/2010 - 1:02pm

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