Not so much “ape-man” as “goat-man.” And not so much “goat-man” as “goat.”

A goral goat: Nice trick, goat, but we saw through it. Feeling a little sheepish now, huh?
A goral goat: Nice trick, goat, but we saw through it. Feeling a little sheepish now, huh?Courtesy Opencage
Do y’all remember that exhilarating and frightening moment in late July when some fresh “Yeti” hair was found? Oh, come on—you remember. Think back. You probably had some bowel spasms. I posted about it.

If you’re not into checking out links, the basic story was this: a man in a heavily forested region of northeast India had collected some strange hairs from an area where there had been several sightings in the last few days of a large, Bigfoot-like creature. The hairs couldn’t immediately be identified, but they looked a little like the “yeti hair” collected by Sir Edmund Hilary on his famous yeti hunt (I’m using quotation marks there because the “yeti” hair came from a “deer” and Hilary probably knew it). So the hairs were sent to a lab for DNA testing.

And the results are in.

It was a goat. Not a huge, hairy man-beast. Not a jovial, crook-legged goat-boy. A Himalayan Gray Goral (goat).

This might be a disappointment for the Bigfoot enthusiasts of India’s Garo Hills region (although they insist that the creature is still out there, even if it isn’t leaving its own hair around), but, in its own way, it’s an interesting discovery. The goral was never thought to roam that far south in India—it was believed to only live in the Himalayas, at elevations above 1,000 meters.

So, while we haven’t uncovered indisputable genetic evidence of a South Asian ape-man, our time on the cryptocouch hasn’t been a total waste—we’ve come out with a more practical (if less spectacular) discovery about a mundane animal.

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Beer Yeti's picture
Beer Yeti says:

Too much time has passed for there to be a connection with that particular hair. Frankly, the man in question was lucky to have escaped with his life.

posted on Wed, 10/15/2008 - 3:28pm
bryan kennedy's picture

I don't see your point, Beer Yeti. Are you saying that the yeti hair turned into goat hair over time? Hrmm...

posted on Thu, 10/16/2008 - 11:23am
Beer Yeti's picture
Beer Yeti says:

No my friend. It was always just a goat hair. A goat hair carefully planted by the crafty Yeti to throw researchers off the track. We can all see how well the ploy worked!

posted on Fri, 10/17/2008 - 9:57am
sugar bear's picture
sugar bear says:

that is strange but funny!

posted on Thu, 10/23/2008 - 5:47pm

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