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Victoria Gee-Treft: Victoria Gee-Treft
Victoria Gee-Treft: Victoria Gee-TreftCourtesy Science Museum
We all know and love the Science Museum, we love the exhibits, love the shows, and love the people. But who are the people that work behind the scenes and do all the work that we see through the exhibits and shows? There are tons of people that do...but one person that I find interesting is Victoria Gee-Treft. She works in development as the Campaign Gift Officer. Because of her and the prestigious team of development the museum can bring you the exhibits and the Omni shows and all the other things that you love to do. Everyday she talks to people and try's to establish relationships with current and potential donors. She says her favorite thing about her job is the people. She LOVES being able to talk to people and create relationship's with them. Her least favorite things about her job is not being able to directly talk to people. She prefers to directly talk to people...she believes that you connect more when you are directly talking to people. Shes been working in the field for 10yrs. and have been working for the museum for about 1.5 yrs. She loves her job and says she wouldn't have picked any other!

I asked her some questions in an interview I had with her and she gave me great answers. I picked 3 of the best questions to share.

Q1:Who are some important people that the museum needs to keep it “alive”?
A1:Volunteers! The museum has a great volunteer program that really benefits the museum. Other than that the whole museum needs all of it staff to keep it running. Every job has value, from the person who cleans the bathroom to the president who makes sure that the museum is at its top quality. And last but definitely not least its CUSTOMERS! The people who come here with their family or with their friends. The people who come to see the exhibits or the show in the Omintheatre. Those are the people that the museum needs to keep it ALIVE!

Q2:What kind of education or experience would someone need to get into this field?
A1:Volunteering and events. Volunteering gets you the moral part of the job, by volunteering you get to see how the people you may be talking to feel land you get to experience the whole "working for nothing" part of life which not only builds character but also shows you a whole new aspect of things. And by doing events like, races for causes or some kind of charity event you get the skill part of the job and you build the skills that you will need. For example, if you can raise $1,000 for one race in a week, just think about how much money you could raise in a month, with more tools, better connections, and a title to your name. You wont just be a "random person asking for money for something" you'll be a "corporate development executive" and you'll be asking for money that could potentially help maybe hundreds or even thousands of people!

Q3:What are some qualities or traits would someone need for this field?
A3:Patience-If you plan on going into this field or a field like it you must have have to be able to have patience with people. People want to know where their money is going and who they are giving it too. so you cant just expect to ask someone for maybe $250 and them just hand it to you. I know that if I was giving someone or something $250 i would want to know where my money was going!!

* Asking-This is one thing that you HAVE to be able to do. You have to be comfortable enough to ask a complete stranger who you have probably never saw, met, or hear of for money. I personally know people who have issues asking people for money or help. I personally feel weird asking my friends or family for for me to ask a complete stranger for money would be more awkward than you could imagine. And you have to remember that your job is based on whoever you are talking to, to give THEIR hard earned money to you for whatever reason.

* Persuasion-You have to be a "people person" as someone would say. And you have to be able to convince people that they should give their hard earned money to the museum. There are some people who might be willing right away to give their money, but there are also going to be other who may need more of a convincing reason(s) to donate. If you don't find yourself a very convincing person this may not be for you.

~Don't Be Afraid To Ask~ Victoria Gee-Treft

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Shayp says:

~Science is like the universe you never know how far it can go or what things it can bring you~

posted on Tue, 09/01/2009 - 4:57pm
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this has nothing to do with science whats your reasoning?

posted on Wed, 09/16/2009 - 5:37pm
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Shayp says:

Well science is important, you wouldnt be able to just have a building with scientists, you also need people of the more business side of things to find people to support the science. Think about this and comment again please.

~Science is like the universe you never know how far it can go or what things it can bring you~

posted on Wed, 09/16/2009 - 5:42pm

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