The search is on for Cleopatra's grave

Theda Bara as Cleopatra: The silent film star portrayed the Queen of Egypt as a vamp in the 1917 production.
Theda Bara as Cleopatra: The silent film star portrayed the Queen of Egypt as a vamp in the 1917 production.Courtesy Mark Ryan
Archaeologists in Egypt believe they may be on the verge of uncovering the long-sought final resting place of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. The two ill-fated lovers committed suicide together in 30 BC after being defeated in a power struggle over control of the Roman Empire.

Zahi Hawass, the Indiana Jones of Egyptian antiquities says crews are ready to dig up three chambers located 65 feet below the surface, where they hope the remains of Antony and Cleopatra will be found. The chambers were discovered using ground-penetrating radar in the vicinity of the Taposiris Magna, a temple erected in 300 BC in honor of the Egyptian god Isis.

"In my opinion," Hawass said, "if this tomb is found it will be one of the most important discoveries of the 21st century because of the love between Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and because of the sad story of their death."

The two lovers have appeared in stories throughout the ages including a play by William Shakespeare, another by George Bernard Shaw, and a number of major motion pictures (1912, 1917, 1934, 1945, 1963). According to legend, Antony died by his own sword while Cleopatra took her life by holding poisonous asps to her bosom

Discovery of their graves would indeed be a coup, especially for lawyer-turned-archaeologist Kathleen Martinez who seems to have made it her life’s work to restore the Queen of the Nile’s tainted image.

As a young girl in the Dominican Republic, Martinez remembers listening to her father and his colleagues bad-mouthing Cleopatra’s reputation during scholarly discussions in their library.

"They were speaking very badly about her and about her image," Martinez recalled. "I got very upset. I said I didn't believe what they are saying, that I needed to study more about her."

Martinez spent the next 14 years uncovering as much as she could find about Cleopatra’s life. In the end, her studies led her to a portrait of an intelligent leader who ruled as Egypt’s last pharaoh.

"[Cleopatra] spoke nine languages, she was a philosopher, she was a poet, she was a politician, she was a goddess, and she was a warrior."

Four years ago, Martinez convinced Hawass to allow her to join his archaeological team, and for the last three years has been excavating the hillside site near Abusir about 30 miles east of Alexandria, where the tombs are thought to be located.

According to writings by Greek historian Plutarch, Antony’s political rival Octavian (Caesar Augustus) allowed for Antony and Cleopatra to be buried together although it’s not mentioned where.

But artifacts from the Abusir site – including a piece of male statuary, coins with Cleopatra’s image, and a mask fragment with a cleft-chin - seem to point to this being Marc Antony’s burial site. And if his remains are buried here, then so are Cleopatra’s.

"She couldn't be buried in a different place from Mark Anthony and be protected by Isis,” Martinez said.

The scientists hope to begin digging into the chambers as soon as next month but a modern hitch may postpone that for a few months. One of the summer homes of Egyptian president President Hosni Mubarak is located near the dig-site, and security concerns could delay digging into the chambers until autumn.

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Anonymous's picture
Anonymous says:

weren't all the tombs ransacked?

posted on Fri, 06/26/2009 - 4:20pm
mdr's picture
mdr says:

They won't know until they locate them.

posted on Fri, 06/26/2009 - 5:18pm
treeof the sea's picture
treeof the sea says:

they wont locate anything in them if theyve been ransacked.

posted on Sat, 06/27/2009 - 10:27am
Moony's picture
Moony says:

Actually in regards to ransacked tombs, the bare tomb and sometimes the actual sarcophagus is still there, but any treasures buried there and possibly the mummy itself are often missing, taken by tomb robbers during ancient times. The mummies themselves are then dumped, sometimes in caches (which have been found - that's how we got the mummy of Hatshepsut). This is most common in burial chambers of the Valley of the Kings and of course, at the Pyramids. With the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, there is a very high possibility that the tomb is untouched, as Octavian, though allowing them to be buried, wanted it done in secret. Even if the tomb has been ransacked, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope the bodies are still there. Just think, if they find the body of Cleopatra, they can use facial reconstruction and determine once and for all what she looked like.

posted on Thu, 09/19/2013 - 2:52pm
Megan DeAnne Gordstone's picture
Megan DeAnne Gordstone says:

this is a crazy story and i really loved reading about it

posted on Sat, 06/27/2009 - 10:58am

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