Sing a Song of Science!

singing songs of science at the Dana Centre in London
singing songs of science at the Dana Centre in LondonCourtesy Gaetan Lee
It's almost Friday, and if that thought alone doesn't brighten your day, this certainly will:

The British Society for the History of Science (apparently not as stuffy as it sounds) has just announced its annual competition to find the world's most imaginative and poetic songs about science. You can read all of the details about how to enter the competition here - and I really think you should, if only because studies show that making music is good for you!

The basic idea with this contest is to take a familiar tune like 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' or 'Clementine' and rewrite the words, but more original efforts will be welcomed, if not by the BSHS, than by Science Buzz readers! Feel free to post your ideas and inspirations here for a critique! The contest organizers are also encouraging people to submit videos of themselves and their friends performing their songs in a creative manner similar to the Dance Your PhD Thesis contest that happened in Vienna last year. Who knew?

To get you all started on your award winning compositions, I suggest listening to these 1950's tunes sung by Tom Glazer and Dottie Evens, then do the Constellation Jig!

Your Comments, Thoughts, Questions, Ideas

Thor's picture
Thor says:

I'm not much of a music composer, but you can't top that old '80s tune from Thomas Dolby – "She Blinded Me With Science" – when you're talking about great science songs. Here's a link to the music video of that tune.

posted on Fri, 02/20/2009 - 10:01am
shanai's picture
shanai says:

Totally! I think the '80s were a great time for pop culture science - though I'm not really sure, because I was busy developing a theory for the disappearance of Unicorns.

posted on Fri, 02/20/2009 - 12:55pm
Thor's picture
Thor says:

You mean they're all gone! When did this happen?

posted on Fri, 02/20/2009 - 2:21pm
JGordon's picture
JGordon says:

As far as I can tell, 1982.

posted on Fri, 02/20/2009 - 2:31pm
shanai's picture
shanai says:

That movie was always my favorite, though the soundtrack is incredibly depressing.

posted on Mon, 02/23/2009 - 7:13pm
bryan kennedy's picture

Here are a few of my favorite "science" songs:

Sounds of Science - Beastie Boys
Radioactivity - Kraftwerk
In the Future - Pablo Moses
Copper - Shellac
Scopes - Bauhaus
Brain - Arthur Roberts
Dinosaur Egg - Scout Niblett
One Million is Big but One Billion is Bigger - Fat Boys

I have lots more.

posted on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 11:56am

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